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Silvery moon

March 13, 2010
By OnyxDivine PLATINUM, Scarborough, Other
OnyxDivine PLATINUM, Scarborough, Other
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Silvery moon hidden behind a veil of clouds,
Like a beautiful mistress peeking from behind velvet curtains,
Now you see her,
Now you don’t.

Silvery blade hidden within a wall of plastic,
Like a caged weapon of destruction demanding release.
Now you see it,
Now you don’t.

Silvery branches move with ease in the wind,
Like a child being gently rocked to sleep,
Swaying here,
Swaying there.

Silvery surface of the lake shimmer with reflections,
Like a mirror that shows too much,
What you know,
What you don’t.

Silvery droplet lands softly, unnoticed on a sleeve,
Like the first raindrop, unwanted.
Now it’s here,
Now it’s not.

Silvery sillouette leans forward carelessly,
Like a reckless child or a despairing drunk.
Now she’s here,
Now she’s gone.

The author's comments:
The moon was beautiful and the night was dark.

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