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A Fate Worse Than Death

April 1, 2010
By FlyleafFreak DIAMOND, Loveland, Colorado
FlyleafFreak DIAMOND, Loveland, Colorado
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"I have faith in fools;self confidence my friends call it"~Edger Allan Poe
"In this world of infinite insanity, your friends are the best psychiatrists you will ever have."~Me

Colors spill from your mouth
Vermilion reds, ash blue and deep black
And spear into mine
Sending your truths bleeding from my lips

Fuses burn brightly as we stand here
At the apex of the maelstrom
And you endearingly hold your hand out
Only to push me crying into this relentless storm
As I laugh when I shatter at the bottom

Locked in chairs, your struggling did cease
To fight something I overcame
A fate worse than death collapsed upon us
Eight years ago, trapped in the dark
Of screaming, bleeding, and pain

Whilst our tormentors stand proudly
Marveling at us broken and dead
At one end of the world to another
We both faced the same fate in separate unity
This truth thrust upon us so suddenly
To send us crashing down
Yes, a fate worse than death

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