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Until forever

May 17, 2010
By itsmekarli GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
itsmekarli GOLD, Deep River, Connecticut
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Baby, baby, baby
I'd run to you if I could
1 hour and 34 minutes by car
or 20 hours and 26 minutes by foot
How about I meet you halfway
I'l spend every minute with you for a whole entire day
You'll listen to me sing, we'll try new things
Slim jims and twinkies
Downtown holding pinkies
We're such different people, You and I
but you surprise me every time I look in your eyes
Your dancing, it makes me giggle
Your singing makes my day
You could tell me anything, I'll still adore you in every way
Falling asleep next to you, wake up you're at my side
Cherish all I have with you
Dread that last car ride
Singing along to songs, the lyrics of our life together
Kissing my cheek as I tear up, promising
"I'm yours forever"
Typing notes saying
"I'll miss you" and "I'll love you through it all"
Never wanting exit 47 that brings us to the mall
Saying goodbye, always the hardest thing to do
Finding small comfort in knowing pretty soon again, I will be with you
Until then I can only hear your voice on the phone
And we both hate knowing, just the other day we weren't alone
The countdown begins, and continues as you come and go
Until forever, I'm not going anywhere
I just want you to know

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