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August 26, 2010
By CocoBelle BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
CocoBelle BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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it's all bittersweet
I opened my eyes but can't see vividly
I struggle to walk but can't find the strength in me
I check my research but can't find the enemy
and for now it's bittersweet,
because the pain of pleasure?
it's confusing me,I can't get it together
I checked the forecast and it's basically undecided weather
so imma sit here and watch the peacock's feathers
so for now it's bittersweet,
i'm not a paperboy but I deliever
they question question my gender because imma go-getter
I thought it was normal to be successful
and the water in the stream may not flow
but imma keep up,i'm not gonna let go
because it's bittersweet and this what they seek!
me always at the bottom looking up at the peak!

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