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Catch me i'm falling

November 1, 2010
By bilbogirl GOLD, Townsend, Delaware
bilbogirl GOLD, Townsend, Delaware
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These rooms
They seem too small these days
This school
Feels so foreign to me
My fingers shake constantly.
I want to scream.
HELLO! I’m here!
Sick and losing,
Tired and lonely,
But I’m here
All that’s left of yesterday

I see the fear in your eyes
Breaking the bonds
Widening the gap
The giant black hole between us
Something is different
Why don’t you trust me?
I’ve been here the whole time
Don’t you care?
All I’ve done for you,
And all you’ve done for me
I’m about to lose it
Go crazy.
This room is too small
I know you feel it too.

Catch me, I’m falling,
Faster than anyone should
Catch me I’m falling,
Please hear me calling
Catch me I’m falling for good

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