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And We Gather

November 24, 2010
By Queen-of-Sarcasum13 DIAMOND, South Bellmore, New York
Queen-of-Sarcasum13 DIAMOND, South Bellmore, New York
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And they came from afar
On ships that tossed and turned
Amidst the grey salty seas
Men and Women of faith
They asked God to bless their way
Though the skies did flash with lightning
Though the thunder mightily did clap
Though some did die
They made it to the rocky earthen shore
And woe! They found not the colony before them
But the wild woods, untamed and new
They dare not seek their fellows
They said "This is the Land we've been sent to, let us make it a home!"
But life is rarely so simple
And the Cold came
and the Hunger came
and the Sickness came
In the white wicked winter many where lost
The few, the strong did tend them
And still twas God they did bless
For each rising and setting sun
Then from the dark unnamed woods around them
Did come forth two strange men
Of diffrent skin and diffrent looks
But every human has a heart
and they reached out to the Pilgrims
Hearts full of love
Hearts full of compassion
One did stay and teach them
the many ways
of this New World
He taught them to live ; to thrive
And for this they blessed God
Finally the harvest did come
A mighty good harvest of much food
They had planted with the aid of Squanto
And the natives did come
Dressed in their clothes
Speaking their tounges
But every human has a heart
And every human must eat
and They Gathered
To feast
to praise
to extol friendship and gratitude
And so many years later
after wars
new presidents
old presidents
new lives beginning
old lives ending
As they gathered to thank God
We Gather

The author's comments:
All about thanksgiving

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