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March 10, 2011
By lab96 SILVER, Mission, Other
lab96 SILVER, Mission, Other
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I am searching, I am searching,
Searching for what? I don't know.
and yet I go on searching.
Searching for that one, special person
to put a smile on my face,
to hold me in his arms when I'm scared,
to make me feel better when I', upset.
Who is full of surprises, even though
I hate surprises.
To help me get through things, that seem impossible,
to believe in me, even when I don't,
to tell me when I'm just acting foolish
I am searching for the one,
who I hate to be parted with,
even for a minute.
I am searching for love, and when love has found me,
then, I have truly won.

The author's comments:
Not much to say, besides; aren't all teens doing this? But may not even be realizing it?

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