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something tht rhymes with lemon

May 7, 2011
By jellyinthesky PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
jellyinthesky PLATINUM, Renton, Washington
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boys who live in hollow trees,
have arms that are made of branches of leaves.
and they sing their songs of the forrest, and love;
it is the quintessence of sound from the heavens above.
though they will travel around, i will hear their song,
through the wind and the rivers, i'll be singing along.
i'll travel the world, but stay in the same place.
meet millions alike, and long for one face.
a friend, or a lover, or that place in between,
i'll stick with you if you stick with me.
you said "i know no longer what i can believe",
so i'll sew you my heart and pin it to your sleeve.
this life is made out of the pauses and gaps,
and you'll skip them right over if you're running too fast.
so live by the sun, and sleep by the moon,
and dream of the loves that ended too soon.
there are no mistakes or such things as "awkward silence",
just lessons to be learned, and friends who know when to be quiet.

when you reach out your hand,
and you feel that spark...
the one that burns up so bright,
it flashes out all the dark...
i don't know why you run...

when i find a love, i hold it like a prize,
even when i know it's the kind, that will be over at sunrise...
and while you feel for my thighs,
i'll look into your eyes,
and reach up for the skies,
cause' i'm no good at goodbyes...

so i hope that i finally have your attention,
and one day you'll take what you now feel as tension,
and turn it into a whole new invention,
thats something beyond your comprehension.
its like you are in a whole new dimension,
you cant even explain cause its too much to mention...

it just goes, and goes, and goes...

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