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May 18, 2011
By Rozaa SILVER, San Marcos, California
Rozaa SILVER, San Marcos, California
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I love it when my fingers are entwined in yours, and the tingly sensation i got when you touched me. It made me feel so safe so loved; so totally bouned to you. forver. And i still am even though you left me.


yes even i

have scars,

though they may not show.

And even though we




Pain still cought us

and scard us.

Some people read our scars,

and try to share our pain,

to make it go away.

But thes scars will stay.

These scars are not our friend

even though they tend to stay,

with us till the end.

But maybe

thers a lesson to be learned,

a story to be told.

And so these scars will stay,

to remind us of the past,

and to not repeat it.

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