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August 3, 2011
By mturner BRONZE, Hamilton, Virginia
mturner BRONZE, Hamilton, Virginia
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-Robert Graves

I'm sorry,

I always wanted to feel,

this crushing curse that leaves me empty,

nobody bothered

to stop me

nobody bothered

to save me,

I wonder if the cold embrace

will be numbing,

or a relief,

will there be a light

welcoming me to a place where

I belong,

or will it be a dark void where none do,

I always wanted to explore,

to explain to the world

something they've never


I want to know

and theres only

one way in,

but no way out,

and I want to let the world


I don't want to be like this

I don't want

to be alone,

I want to something for


I don't want to be

so cold,

and I want to

feel the sun again,

but I'm traped

locked and forgotten

in a room,

pitch black light

an empty night,

I've been kidnapped,

but the culpret is,


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