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I love it!

August 18, 2011
By trose123 BRONZE, Spencer, Wisconsin
trose123 BRONZE, Spencer, Wisconsin
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I love it!
The feel of my hood surrounding my head and hair…
The beautiful feel of the cold autumn air,
Seeping through,
Like a mid-morning dew.
That late summer rain storm still blowing in…
That beautiful, cold autumn rain,
That feels like a sin…
The bright red and orange leaves threatening to fall,
Threatening to call,
Threatening to bring in winter without any notice…

The short winter days,
The long winter nights,
The deep snow banks,
The warm nights by the fire…

Then the bright sunny days coming,
Melting the snow running...
Bringing in the beautiful new spring air,
Making everything look green and fair…
The brilliant flowers blooming,
The late nights growing,

They’re bringing in summer.
Bringing in the brilliant, hot days,
The fresh breeze, the bright green leaves,
The loving time and memories spent at the beach…
Only to end when the first leaves fall...
Only to bring in the beautiful autumn again…

The author's comments:
when i wrote this it was mid autumn and it was still kinda warm out and raining... and then i decided to add the other seasons..

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