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January 2, 2012
By RonNesha SILVER, McGehee, Arkansas
RonNesha SILVER, McGehee, Arkansas
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Better keep yourself clean and bright;you are the window through which you see the world!

When i look in the mirror i see a reflection
When i look in the mirror i get a sense of direction
I see someone whose been through some things
I see someone who wants to believe
Its amazing how life comes around
Its amazing how fast you hit the ground
So many things make you wanna scream
So many things make you not wanna breathe
Its crazy how things work out
Its crazy how your faced with doubt
How do you trust after being faced with so much
Why keep going down this road
What is there worth fighting for
What is this thing called life
Is there a such thing as strife
What did i do to make you leave
What did i do for you not to believe
How can i bring you back
Why is life so wack
When i lost you i lost a part of me
When i lost you i never felt relieved
As i lay in bed at night
I cry and hold my pillow tight
It hurts knowing your not here with me
All i have is memories
I miss you more than anything
But there are much better things
I know that youre above watching over me
I know that you would want me to be happy
Sometimes life throws things at you
But you have to be strong enough to smile
You have to find a way to get through the dark clouds
You have to open your eyes and see
That there is a such thing as belief
There is always a brighter day
Thats what i always say
Life has a better way
God wants you to stay
So no matter how hard it gets
Always look up and forget

The author's comments:
There was alot happening around me. I was faced with alot of obstacles and still am. I hope that people see that they can always keep their head up and hope for a brighter day no matter what theyre facing.

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