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The Mirror On The 3rd Floor Bathroom In The South West Hall

January 23, 2012
By a-head-full-of-words GOLD, Hollywood, Florida
a-head-full-of-words GOLD, Hollywood, Florida
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Many a young girl’s face I’ve seen
Peering into my silver complexion
Only I hear their silent thoughts
As they gaze at their reflections
Some have dark skin, some have light,
Others are caught in the middle, like coffee with cream
Prejudice lies like a mist over the water
They are caught like fish swimming upstream
I have scratches and scuff marks from make-up
Who ever told this beauties that they need it?
Trying to cover up flaws like lying and cheating
With foundation, leather jackets and skirts with a slit
Some toss their hair coquettishly,
Basking in their glory
Yet when everyone’s gone, and the stalls are vacant,
The tears on their cheeks tell a different story
Irises of pure blue, brown and green
Stare into my silver eyes
Running the race against everyone else
Not realizing that they are the prize
I hear laughter, feel sunshine
The happiest ones only glance
While others examine every feature
As though in a trance
Some stand sideways, sucking flesh in
Others resort to puking, throat burning
We have to, that boy likes the skinnier girls
Resigned as their stomach is turning
They look into my face and see too much weight
When actually, they are wasting away
They see a huge apple, I see a slim core
Their hollowed eyes with circles of gray
So many girls, going this way and that
All look into my face
Searching or looking for different things
As they run this deadly beauty race
Yet all of them have one thing in common
Most don’t see it, some are doubtful
Others know from whence it came -
You see, they are all beautiful.

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