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April 16, 2012
By Maddie_Rae PLATINUM, Newalla, Oklahoma
Maddie_Rae PLATINUM, Newalla, Oklahoma
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I write my life in ink, that way i can still remember the good things, and yet i can never erase my mistakes.

But, alas we go in the depths
of deception, guided only
by the small light of faith.

A small, flickering light,
easily extinguished, and
blurry in the blackness.

A blackness so bitter and
dark that only the brightest
of lights can be seen.

Some would call the man
who braved the darkness
with such a light a fool.

Others would call it brave
to battle deception
by faith.

But some have never seen
the small light. They see no faith, have no hope.

And, how are they suppose to battle the shadows or deception
with out the light of faith, even if it flickers.

They stumble blindly all
there lives. Tripping over the nooks and crannies in the dark.

Do the ever wish of a light?
Do they know its possible
for such a light to be seen?

And what of the man who has
found the light? How did he find faith out of all the deception?

Did he stumble without a clue,
or did he find it with
help from a greater light?

The light that the flickering
lamp fell from? Or did he work hard to find faith?

Faith battles deception,
but surely faith will shine through the blackness of lies.

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