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Define Me

May 1, 2012
By Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
Zoe-22-Turner DIAMOND, Beverly, Massachusetts
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Everyone believes in love
Everyone thinks they know what it is
But I speak not only for myself when I ask
Do any of us know the magnitude of this infamous name?
But those that do know the meaning, also know something else
There is another word of the same length, yet so much greater: loss
And only after we lose the one whose hands held our beating heart
Do we realize what the four simple letters l.o.v.e truly meant,
Only loss can teach us the meaning of love, and the other meanings
Entailed by it. a state of being that is not death; life, carries it's own weight
A weight that we only learn to bear, once we can bare the other two
Three L words, four letters each, the weight of the world in each interpretation
Each connected to the next and the previous, forming the circle that defines us
Loss teaches love, as love is the meaning of life, and life brings us both
But loss, it is so much more than losing something, and love
Is so much more than loving someone, and life is more
Than any number of years doing the same old thing, much more.
Can a word, be a definition not of just one other word but two, three?
Can a word be it's own definition and still define another,
Another whose definition is also itself, and that of a third word
A third word of the same length that defines everything and nothing?
Loss is to love as love is to life, which is to loss and love and life itself.
The three define you, and me, and him, and her, and everyone,
Yet at the same time, they define absolutely no one.

The author's comments:
Can everything really be defined?

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