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Phantom Pain

May 6, 2012
By schan GOLD, Taipei, Other
schan GOLD, Taipei, Other
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“Let us permit nature to have her way. She understands her business better than we do.”
-Michel de Montaigne

There's no feeling
There's no cyst
Just this feeling in my wrist
A soreness, illness, hindrance,
That makes me want to clench my fist

They say it's lack of vitamins
They say it's cuz I fractured it
But I did nothing that had risk
It makes me feel a little pissed.

I drink milk but it doesn't help
It hurts so bad it makes me yelp
My composition starts to melt
This is the worst I've ever felt

It crawls into the rest of me
There's nothing to see
Or not to see
An agony that invokes no glee
I cannot reason why this could be

The beating impulse in my brain
It's slowly driving me insane
The pain that remains unexplained
Like every other thing that's made

I run to everyone I know
I ask, I plead
"What does this show?"
They shake their heads and close the door
Why that is, I can't sure

No one helps me, seemingly
What do they hide, honestly?
Is this what life's like usually?
I want to approach this reasonably.

One day
It just might halt.
I might find the thing to attribute fault.

That day
Will never come.
The place which where
Phantoms come from.

The author's comments:
Sometimes my limbs hurt for no reason. Like a phantom pain haunts my body.

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