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discussion with god

January 6, 2013
By NaomiPikalek GOLD, Millwaukee, Wisconsin
NaomiPikalek GOLD, Millwaukee, Wisconsin
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What if I can’t walk

on my own?
What if I am

truly forever

in bad dreams and

Crippled by the loss?
Deaf to blessed sounds?
What if I’m trapped

alone with this



heart of mine.

with only the voices in my head telling me

you’re not real,

and you won’t help me?
I need you to give me hope

Touch my heart,

Free my soul from all this.
I need you to sing your

words of

faith and life.

your words have helped

You’ve put oxygen into these
empty lungs in the past,

when it all started.
Please put your blood into this

lifeless heart,

and make it beat again.
Help me to live,
so that I will have something to live for.
Give me your word

that it will get better,

or I refuse to believe it

or in you.
I get no reply,

no sign that he’s there,

that he heard me,
or ever cared.

So I just carry on,



And too tired to care anymore.
I can’t walk on my own,

and the one

who has the power to help me,

is deaf to my prayers

The author's comments:
its about a typical conversation id have with "god" and how i lost faith.

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