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My Deception is Perfection

February 1, 2013
By AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
AwesomeAley GOLD, Levittown, Pennsylvania
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I am the master of deception,
My lies are that of perfection,
Lost in an empty space,
Torn from a loving embrace,
Unbeknown to love and care,
As I sit alone in a crooked chair,
I used to be proper and swell,
But now I’m forced to dwell,
Before you left me wanting and wild,
You were breathtaking every time you smiled,
Before my life was gruesome and dim,
You showed me life was lovely and slim,
Our time together was precious,
Your laughter truly infectious,
Upon further inflection,
My lies lacked perfection,
You tore down my walls,
But then ignored my calls,
A constant game of cat and mouse,
A burning desire the ocean couldn’t douse,
Regardless to reason,
My eyes a dangerous treason,
But then death is gruesome and cruel,
Living and being alive, that a constant duel,
You were flawless and unique,
Your kisses always managed to make me weak,
I loathe mortality,
And it’s easy fatality,
Cruel, cold, lonesome world,
Death came near as the darkness curled,
Goodbye love,
Be as free as a dove,
It’s our time to fly

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