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The Right Kind

March 24, 2014
By SheisLove BRONZE, Collingwood, Other
SheisLove BRONZE, Collingwood, Other
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I want to feel pretty,
as if I'm worth your time.
But your head turns in all directions,
searching for the right kind.
The kind of girl with flawless skin,
she has perfect teeth and a perfect smile.
She has beautiful hair that falls down her back,
and you can't help but smile when she smiles.
She has this sort of sparkle in her eyes,
and a melodious ring to her laugh.
When she steps forward,
the rest of us step back.
She's smart and charming always,
but she makes you laugh too.
All I know is I'll never be her,
but you say you don't want me to.
It's a shame I don't believe you.

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