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Clockwork Angel

November 3, 2014
By gone45637 BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
gone45637 BRONZE, Tucker, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
There is a method to my madness.


I am from mysterious black marks, deadly grotesque automatons, and dangerous secret
I am from a bright, shining, silver haired star whose love for music is seconded only by his
immense love for me.
I am from a jet-black haired boy with a shattered soul and a massive burden that he has
carried with him since he was a child.


I am from a friend who is a piece of me and who I would protect with my own life.
I am from someone who has kept me safe and mostly sane.
Jem always thinks of me as a good person even if I am not sure I am.


I am also from leaving my grieving parents, watching my dying sister, and dreaming of
terrible demons.
I am from a curse where everyone who loves me dies a horrific death.
I am from savagely pushing people away to protect them and myself.


I am from a red powder used to torture me as a child just so the heinous demon could
I am from the drug that is leaching all the color and life from me.
Opium is slowly pulling me away from the people I love forever and will not allow itself to be


I am from a shining star of a girl, a bright flame of a boy, and a glossy wooden violin.
I am from a promise to protect the girl I love even when I am no longer on this world.
I am from two people who understand the beat of my heart.

Our lives are much harder than I thought they would be.
They are full of near death experiences and constant danger
but nothing will ever stop us and we will carry on until our last breath.

The author's comments:

Another school assignment.

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