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my hero

November 11, 2014
By babygirl102903 BRONZE, Bellevue, Ohio
babygirl102903 BRONZE, Bellevue, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
when i ran all i wanted was for you to come after me

before i met you i was thinking that no one will ever want me,

but you came around,

then my life went around,

then i thought in my head god gave you to me,

you are my hero,

you always know what to do when i am sad,

or mad,

all my life people left me alone, 

telling me i am worthles,




but since you came around ,

i feel like i am someone,

like i am worth this life,

life is hard but if you have someone,

who keeps you calm that is true love,

you are my hero,

baby you fixed mybroken road,

and you are my only light,

to see my paths, 

we are engaged and people dont likee us togethr but i dont care,

we love each other,

yuo are my hero!

The author's comments:

i made this for my boyfriend<3 he is always there for me and i love him with all my heart!!!!

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