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April 17, 2015
By ApatheticSincerities BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
ApatheticSincerities BRONZE, Reno, Nevada
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Everyday it’s more trials and trepidations,
My soul hollow from a million and one excavations,
My heart a dried husk from all of the complications,
Of love – and all of the failed and fleeting aspirations,
My mind fogged up,
The numbing effect of inebriation,
My being chopped up,
The inability to express any jubilation,
Where is God – in a life so gone it is now just a faded memory,
There’s no semblance or chance of any salvation,
Where I once trod – is a statistical result of total penury,
There’s no feeling in my life for any sort of elation,
Where I feel the prod – is the spot in which the pain is plenary,
Humiliated by the aftermath of my utter mutilation,
Where I now plod – is now where the guilt laden reside in complete reverie,
In which they hope to see all of the world’s order in an abrupt cessation,
Hands have been soaked with innocent blood,
That is the human race’s plight,
The maleficence of the wicked has killed off the good,
Now the vengeful are filled with spite,
People have warned me,
       Saying: “Be wary of the vindictive”,
       People have scorned me,
       Their words a vice – and I’m completely constricted,
No more light at the end of the tunnel,
       All of us – sinners condemned to burn in fire,
       Our essence in hell crumbled,
       And there’s no grief from your messiah,
Now in contemplation with the cold edge of the blade quiescent on my wrist,
       Reflections of my life with the notion: “Would my mother be proud of this”,
       The onslaught of sadness – sinking deeper into the abyss,
       Depression drives me to madness – deeper in my skin the blade digs,
       Pain brings me to my knees – more duplicities than I have room to list,
       So filled with ennui – the last remembrance of life I quit,
The shiv goes down – clattering to the floor,
       Reminiscent vows are now circulating through my thoughts,
       A beaming smile replaces the frown – as I bolt out the door,
       I took an oath a noble promise on love’s honor I swore,
       To take care of the flames – the passion I had wrought,

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