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Baby i love every touch

October 4, 2015
By Natasha1994 SILVER, Arizona City, Arizona
Natasha1994 SILVER, Arizona City, Arizona
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Baby i love every touch you give
Especially when you wrap your arms and dance
I feel every touch you lightly brush up and down my leg
I love it when you play and curl my hair
To the point i look and say don't you dare
You hug me so tight
It makes me not like to fight
You show me so much love during the day
I am so satisfied i want to jump in bed and play
I cant stop thinking about every moment we shared
I do really care
When i say i am in love with you
I want you to know your above any other guy in my life
I want you to be there for eternity
Until i stop breathing
I want that moment when we hold hands and look at each other
To let each other know we were there for each other
I don't care if we are poor
At least i am with you to adore and cherish the love we have
I don't want to loose everything i have with you
And later on feel like i have made the biggest mistake
Cant you see you make me bleed
When we are in need
With you not in my presents it hurts
To the point i don't want to be here
I want to go where you are
I cant be separated from you
it makes me want to sacrifice everything to have and more
To be with the person that i love and adore

The author's comments:

My fiance was away from me in a month and i wrote this to show him how much i love him.

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