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Death and drugs

November 16, 2015
By AndreB BRONZE, Sunshine, Louisiana
AndreB BRONZE, Sunshine, Louisiana
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We all live with death
Whether its close or not
The day of July 28 changed my life
It was summer I stayed up all night having fun
But one night I stayed up all night
This Death actually started at 12:01
That night I was restless
I couldn’t sleep
But I didn’t know
After hours of trying to sleep
5:30, after she died
I fell asleep
I woke up to my grandmother
She brought me to our living room
We aren’t one of those close families
So I immediately knew what was wrong
So I waited, waited, and again I waited
It was only 10 minutes but honestly it felt like whole year
My sister came home and sat on the couch
We have a sibling connection were we look at each other
In a certain way when bad
We looked at each other in that way
My grandmother walked in with
A disturbed, sad face
I will always remember that moment
The fact I was hungry
The worry, and the smell of rice and gravy
But that is when she told me
This was completely out of the blue
My mom died
She told me BullS----
Story about it was peaceful
My mother didn’t die peaceful
She died from lung failure and
Along the lines of to much alcohol
But I she has been in and out my life
An addict forever
I can’t say I expected it
Death has a way of being random
I honestly felt enraged than hurt
That anger forced me to think
Even know I am still thinking
Thinking how much
How much drugs and alcohol
Has affected my life
That’s when I made the promise with my self not to let drugs impact my life

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