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At the Beach

April 19, 2021
By tmustaine BRONZE, State Center, Iowa
tmustaine BRONZE, State Center, Iowa
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Sea creatures swimming in the ocean blue:

Moving softly and feeling very free.

Tinted water with a dark, hazy hue,

Water is all around them, cannot flee.

Sounds like thunder waves crashing at the shore;

Windy day up above birds spread their wings.

Endless water there's so much to explore,

In the water, to my face my hair clings.

Pack sand in a pail, making a new world.

Horizon, where the water meets the sky;

Seaweed hits my feet, all twisted and curled.

The sinking sun starts to set from up high.

Out of the water sitting on the sand;

Sunset sky warming my skin dry and tanned. 

The author's comments:

I wrote this for my LA 10 class in school. Although I'm a little unsure about my punctuation, I'm very happy with the way this poem turned out and would love your feedback!

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