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Unsolve Her

November 11, 2010
By Kelli_2011 DIAMOND, Fillmore, California
Kelli_2011 DIAMOND, Fillmore, California
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this too shall pass

A young gentlemen sees, but doesn’t know
A young maiden loves him with her whole heart
With amazing blue eyes that drown the soul
And his curly brown hair the color of bark
He seeks a maiden strong like the ocean
Wrapping her bare arms around his wet chest
If he does find her will he let her in?
A smart man of his kind will never rest
But the man has found his beautiful love
She was there the whole time he was looking
All he had to do was look up above
Open his eyes to the new beginning

The clouds from heaven open down on her

Then there was something wrong, she felt unsure…

The author's comments:
it was for my world lit. class

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