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Waiting for Dawn

June 7, 2012
By Shey22 SILVER, St. Marys, Georgia
Shey22 SILVER, St. Marys, Georgia
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I see him all day then he goes away
The most wonderful time, please stay with me
Every Time he goes I say don't dismay
But as soon as he walks, I want to plea

But pleading is pointless, he doesn't care
This is all an act he has created
What he does is too much for my heart to bear
The feelings I had haven't faded

At this moment I don't want to feel
The numbness is better than the pain
God has finally found my Achilles heel
I think I might collapse from all the strain

I hope that in time I will move on
Just waiting for the moments before Dawn

The author's comments:
This was a time when i felt that my worl was going to fall apart, but at the same time i knew that i would eventually get over it and him too.

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