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Walking Into The Realm Of Death

September 25, 2016
By skematt PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
skematt PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
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The twelfth heavy strike of bells of midnight,
Walking with my flesh and thoughts apart.
Fading together with the dimming streetlights
Weighed down by melancholic regret in heart.

I’m sinking into a state of reverie dream
The final destination unknown to me
Hypnotized by nature’s drone and moonbeam
Ethereal images of you are all I see.

A sudden movement reverts me to reality
Of what drifted by that was a shadow of you
A flood of what was left unspoken fills me
As the silent footfalls I’m catching up to.

The same perfect feature, same velvet hair
But your eyes now devoid of sparkling light
Flashing memories set off, blissful and despair
And how you depart without farewell nor fight.

In this unknown alley lamps flicker and die
Wind commands shrouds of mist to cover the stars.
“Tell me, I’m begging you please, tell me why”
My words echo off cold concrete back to my scars.

You turn your head and speak monotonous voice
That evades the boundaries of life’s domain.
“Death has offered me this rare choice
To bring more new subjects into his reign.”

Your stare penetrates my eyes and into my soul
Your touch withering a once blooming flower
I ponder, I wonder, if we could reunite to whole.
In Death’s sovereignty of eternal hours.

You extend out your hand of angelic death
“I love you, come and escape with me!”
My cheek brushed by your cold gentle breath,
I step up into the forever that we’ll be.

A sudden gust of wind and you’re torn apart
In the void of darkness in front of my eyes
Death’s thunderous voice crushes my heart
Says love is only for the living, not for you and I.

I’m tossed back into the cold mortal world
Loneliness in my fate now you’re truly gone
What hope lies ahead? What future can be unfurled?
I’ve lost reason and purpose to die or live on.

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