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The Illustrated Book of Myths

October 31, 2008
By Mara Bower-Leo SILVER, Portland, Oregon
Mara Bower-Leo SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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I think the main point of The Illustrated Book of Myths, retold by Neil Philip, was to gather together some of the most popular myths from all over the world and share them with young people, along with beautiful illustrations. This mythology book also provides background information on the myths with pictures of artifacts and other bits of information that relate and contribute to the story, and it's historical, cultural, and geographical context. Some stories are grouped together purposefully, allowing the readers to realize and appreciate the similarities and differences between them.

I think the author was very successful in carrying out the purpose of the publication. The book definitely encourages you to think about the stories and celebrate culture while learning about geography and history.

The author writes very well. Neil Philip does a great job of taking old myths and making them interesting to a wide range of readers. However, the book would probably be most interesting for people 6 and up, because some of the stories are somewhat complicated and be hard to understand.

I liked the book because of the way the author made the stories interesting. It made you want to keep reading. I learned a lot about different cultures and the way the people express themselves through stories. I would rate this book four stars for everything mentioned earlier. I would recommend it to children or teachers trying to learn or teach about geography, history, or culture. It's not really like anything else I've ever read. The illustrations really support the stories, and help you imagine the characters and their surroundings throughout the tales.

I conclude that The Illustrated Book of Myths is a good book, and a great way to teach children about culture and the world they live in.

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