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December 18, 2012
By PhantomofBroadway GOLD, Cumberland, Rhode Island
PhantomofBroadway GOLD, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Imagine a world perfectly woven together, where everything is controlled and everyone is satisfied.

Now imagine you just found out that whole world is a lie.

That's exactly what happens to Adelice in the thrilling new novel Crewel. In the futuristic society called Arras, there are a gifted few who can weave time. They control weather, food, births, and deaths. Adelice is especially gifted
and is chosen to become a “Weaver,” one who can control time. However, all isn't as it seems in Arras. Adelice soon discovers that even in a world tightly woven, things can fall apart.

Adelice is surrounded by a number of characters that readers will fall in love with. There's Erik and Jost, both kind and helpful to Adelice, but they both hide a secret. They provide a good amount of romantic moments with Adelice to capture the hearts of romantics out there. Cormac is a district ambassador who seems trustworthy, but at the same time almost too perfect.

Lastly, there's Loricel, the Creweler, the head Weaver, who holds a secret that, if ­revealed, could mean the end of the society as they know it. All these people tell Adelice she can trust them, but not all of them are really trustworthy.

Crewel is a book full of ­action and surprises that will keep the reader in suspense and excited, even after you ­finish the book. I highly ­recommend buying this
great novel.

The author's comments:
Although I originally thought the plot idea might have been overused, this book turned out to be fantastic and I read the whole thing in two days!

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