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December 11, 2007
By Halley Balkovich SILVER, Springfield, Oregon
Halley Balkovich SILVER, Springfield, Oregon
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Why is it that some of the best and most original movies are seldom advertised? This is a question I was asking myself as I sat in my living room watching Waitress, a film I had not once heard of beyond spotting the DVD cover in my local Blockbuster.

I was intrigued at once by the prospect of a movie about pie. I figured if the entire feature was completely terrible, hey, it would still be about pie, and I would not feel completely ripped off when I finished it.

But as it began, my opinions began to differ, and I realized- this was not just a movie about everyone's favorite desert.

Waitress is the story of Jenna (Keri Russell), a young woman working at a small town diner. She has a gift for making pies, which she names after whatever happens to be on her mind at the time.

Her life is nowhere near perfect, however. She has a cruel, sexist and slovenly husband named Earl (Jeremy Sisto) who controls her life completely. She dreams of winning a pie contest and earning enough money to escape the unhappy marriage.

Jenna's hopes are crushed when she finds out that after a night of drunken debauchery, she is now pregnant with Earl's baby. With nothing else to do, she visits the Gynecologist- Dr. Pomatter (Nathan Fillion) and after a few appointments, the two begin an unlikely love affair.

Waitress is a bittersweet, homey movie that will warm your heart and make your stomach growl. Also, a flick you may never have heard of before, but don't let that stop you- go out and watch it. It'll be worth every minute.

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