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America: The Story of Us

January 20, 2012
By Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
Writing4Pub DIAMOND, Colts Neck, New Jersey
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In my opinion, I would recommend the original History Channel, America the Story of Us. I would recommend this because once you watch this masterpiece; you will feel the same way I did after I watched this. Amazed. With its stunning graphics, perfect quality, and awesome action you will feel the need to watch this movie, again and again.

It goes back into over 400 years of the history of this country, from the First Settlers to Present Day.

The action is pulse pounding and mystifying. All of the special effects look so real; you will feel awed at the end. Some of the scenes are gory and disturbing, like the Prohibition scenes, but I think it is still a good documentary. The graphics of this classic documentary are in modern picture and HD. I watched this movie several times, and I think it is STILL good! I think it is a very addictive movie. Everything about it is great. I mean everything, even the costumes! Also, this movie is narrated by Live Schreiber (an actor) this makes the movie even more appealing! Michael Jackson also produced this! This epic is by far one of the most the most awesome movies I’ve ever seen, because it dazzles with the portraying of our history. The movie seems surreal. This shows the happy times, (Joe Louis, a boxer beating a German boxer, Max Schmeling, during the time Nazis ruled Germany) the sad times (9/11) and the controversial times (Slavery). America has been through it all- and we still haven’t given up, and never, ever will. I would recommend this movie to patriotic people especially and anyone who is devoted to their country.

This movie kind of reminds me of a roller coaster, through its action packed adventure and never ending excitement, until it’s over. The special effects also seem surreal, like the gunshots in the Civil War. This is based off the illustrated book of the same exact name by Kevin Baker. This epic brings us from many eras of our history from inventions like the Ford Model T to atomic bombs and the Morse code and the Trans Continental Railroad. I also LOVE this movie because I like history, and I’m an American history buff, so this topic interests me. In the movie, celebrities like Meryl Streep and Diddy talk about America’s history and how it affects them in a certain way. There is also a special introduction by President Barack Obama to tell us to enjoy the movie!

The dramatic recreations of everything that happen is stunning because all the gory scenes for example look like they happened for real even though they were special effects. When I watch this, my heart starts pounding very heavily and it blows me away. This is also really interesting to see how our country formed and still stands today. This magnificent movie dazzles in every way possible and it stunning to watch in my opinion.

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I hope everybody will like this piece and I hope you will watch this movie and enjoy it!

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