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It's About Time by Jonas Brothers

June 5, 2010
By TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
TheJust ELITE, Ellenton, Florida
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We all know them: they're the Jonas Brothers. How on earth could you NOT know them? I mean they're basically the number one boy band in America and all around the world, they have starred in Camp Rock, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, JONAS and JONAS LA, wrote a bestselling book (Burning Up: On Tour with the Jonas Brothers) and have had three hit albums and two world tours. But how many of you knew of the Jonas Brothers BEFORE they were signed to Hollywood Records and joined the Disney family? How many of you knew about them before Hannah Montana? Before The Best of Both Worlds Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus tour? Before sold out arenas and screaming fans throwing bras and underwear on the stage? What about before then?

Well, before then we had "It's About Time", a limited release album, put out by Columbia Records. It bombed. The album hardly sold any copies and, even though it was released a second time with a slightly different track listing, it hardly did any better and was soon after removed from the shelves. Why?

Because it was awful. That's the complete and honest truth, it stunk. If you had picked up the album and listened to it, way back in 2006, you would have cried at how dorky and unprofessional the it was. Only four songs out of the 11/12 tracks would have been hits at all and hardly any of the songs were written by the boys themselves. Two of the songs ("What I Go To School For", "Year 3000", both with slightly different lyrics) were cover songs from the band Busted (who?), and "Six Minutes" was a cover from the band LFO/Light Funky Ones (once again, WHO??); and I only know of two songs written by the boys themselves and those are "Mandy" and "Please Be Mine".

The album, today, is a collector's item. On e-bay you can find it for as little as a dollar and up to $101 on Amazon. Don't expect to find it anywhere in Goodwill since anyone who knows anything about current trends has picked it up and plans on selling it for a pretty penny online. Non-Jonas Brothers fans would never think of listening to the album, but to fans, it has become a classic. While it's still dorky and sounds terribly like a kids cd, it is held dear to JoBro fans. They now wish at "7:05", and wish that Nick/Kevin/Joe would "Please Be Mine". They no longer worry about 2012, because the Jonas Brothers have gone to the "Year 3000" and they wish their name was "Mandy". It's a hit.

So if you're a Jonas Brother's fan, borrow it from a friend who actually bought it or download it from the internet; if you can't stand the Jonas Brother's, don't listen. It would only give you more reason to not like them.

*"It's About Time is the name of the album because many of the songs have to do with time (i.e, "Year 3000", "Time For Me To Fly", "Six Minutes", "One Day At A Time" and "7:05".

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