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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

You’re sitting at home with nothing on TV. Don’t be so sure there’s nothing on because you probably don’t watch the most hilarious show on TV, “Scrubs”. This show will make you laugh so hard you’ll pee yourself. “Scrubs” is pretty much based upon many extremely funny doctors and staff working in the same hospital. You can watch this show every Thursday 9:30/8:30 central on the NBC channel. The way “Scrubs” is like a pumpkin in a carrot patch is because the writers have done a phenomenal job making it feel like reality, it has a really good comical story, and the producers have chosen the perfect cast for this show.
The writers are absolutely brilliant the way they always do the funniest things at all the perfect times. There are bundles of humorous interactions between characters like when the janitor locks J.D [the main character] into a water tower. This show provides natural sounding dialogue because they keep the words simple except for a few. The complicated words they do use are only necessary though considering their in a hospital.
This shows plot is tremendous because it will always keep you rolling on the floor laughing. The plot keeps my interest through J.D’s hilarious day dreams and flash backs. There are a ton of entertaining problems and conflicts, for instance when Turk makes a bet about if one of the patients will live or not. Another amazing part about the plot is that it has a lot of good moral lessons and values mixed in with all the overwhelming humor.
The characters are the heart and soul of this whole show. They are so exciting to watch, they never get old to watch either because they are always developing and changing. Also the characters really play well off each other because they make it seem as if they are all best friends. I guess the illusion of that friendship is created from the extremely talented actors and cast.
“Scrubs” is awesome because of the hilarious dialogue, the moral lessons hidden within and the awesome characters that these talented actors portray. The network would be wise to keep every single cast member because there’s no way they can response any of them.

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