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September 24, 2008
By Anonymous

There’s no business like show business, and the H.B.O sires Entourage certainly proves that. However, as a loyal viewer my self I have been disappointed by the new season. I have watched the show religiously since the first season and every time the show was over it kept me satisfied and yet still wanting more. In this season the half hour show always seems to stop short and the plot is not as nearly as captivating as it was in the first couple of seasons.

Last season we left movie star and main character of the show Vincent Chase and the rest of the “entourage” at the Kahn film festival at the end of the Medillin screening. While in Khan they turned down many high paying movie buyers down so they can get a higher price from a bigger production company. Unfortunately, their plan fails because the movie the poured blood, sweat, tears, and every single penny they had into flops miserably. The boys are left with out an option or a dollar.

Season 4 picks up with Vince hiding on a beach in Mexico with a one of his closest friends (and member of the entourage) Turtle. While left behind in the real world his agent Ari Gold is trying to deal with the bad reviews of the strait to D.V.D release Medillin. Also trying to solve the Medillin problem is Vince’s manager and best friend Eric Murphy while taking care of his new client he signed Bow Wow. Half brother of Vincent, Johnny Drama is working on his T.V sires Five Towns while continuing to see his girlfriend he meet in Kahn via Video Chat. When Ari gets a call from a movie producer saying he wants Vince in his new movie that bound to be a hit Danger Beach he calls Vince who is more then reluctant to leave Mexico for a movie with corny title called Danger Beach. Ari, Eric, and Johnny all fly down to Mexico to try to convince Vince to go back and start working again which takes all of about five seconds. He goes back only to find after a meeting with the producer was fake.

The show felt like took as long as it did to convince Vince to go back home and left me saying “Ehhhh”. The show was not nearly as interesting as it has been in the past. If you are just starting to watch the show now I would advise you to start at the beginning (it’s much better). But, for us viewer who have been watching the show for a while I want to say not to give up hope but sadly we may have too if the season continues like it has.

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