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Blasting from the Past: Beatles, Babies, Brady’s

November 12, 2008
By Anonymous

As we grow older, we tend to overlook the little things that used to be a huge part of our childhood. School, work, and the present demand more time from our lives and we have no space to sit and reminisce about the good ol’ days. But when we are with a group of friends, the past becomes the highlight of the conversation, and we catch ourselves saying, “Remember that one time…? Wait, remember that one TV show that we used to watch all the time?!”

As students in high school, our childhood still remains fresh in our minds as if it were yesterday. Preschool, kindergarten, and our elementary days were filled with buzzes about the TV shows we watched. Rugrats and Hey Arnold were most popular among students. Tommy “A baby’s gotta do, what a baby’s gotta do” Pickles is remembered fondly by many of you, while shows such as Sponge Bob and Pokémon only got one vote each. The talking, yellow sponge just didn’t seem to make a lasting impression. And even with the craze of Pokémon cards back in the day, the show didn’t seem to be remembered among the Upper School. Other shows such as Boy Meets World, Full House, and Sister, Sister also went completely unnoticed in the poll.

On the other hand, the Upper School faculty seemed to be much more passionate about the shows they watched. Many of our upper school teachers vividly remember the Ed Sullivan Show, where the Beatles and Elvis Presley made their debut on national television. Mrs. Sennett remembers watching the Brady Bunch and says, “Is that why we have so many kids??????” Many of our teachers still catch re-runs of I Love Lucy, Three’s Company (Mr. Metzelar says that it was the original show about “nothing”), Happy Days, Gilligan’s Island, and Bewitched. As teenagers, some of our teachers tuned into Beverly Hills 90210, which has made its way back into today’s teenagers lives as the hit series 90210. Mrs. Lucchi claims she was an original Trekkie and was a sight to see as she “busted a move in her white leather Go-Go Boots” to Soul Train, American Bandstand, and Shindig. Ms. Kelly recalls, “I also watched Fantasy Island a few times when we had a babysitter, but it was on ‘really late’ (10:00 on a Saturday night! Ooh!) and my parents finally got tired of my sisters and I having nightmares.” Our teachers shared the same taste with us when it came to shows like Growing Pains and Diff’rent Strokes. Whoever said students and teachers don’t have anything in common was greatly mistaken!

Years fly by but people never forget the early days of their childhood and the little things that brought joy to our hearts. Talks about the past bring up sentimental feelings towards the things we used to do. Whether toys, old classmates, or even TV shows, these little pieces of the past mean a lot to us.

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