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Epic Warped Tour Adventure

May 27, 2014
By NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
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I was screaming into the deep darkness of the night on the open sails of the sea. I was the Captain of the Warped Sunset. What was my name Chunk, No Captain Chunk, that was it. Before hand the morale was at an All Time Low, I was alone on the captain's quarters, I have spent so much time with myself I had ignored the others outside screaming Attack! Attack! I was just finishing eating my supper, I always am thankful for the early summer. The tales of my mother have always intrigued me of how she had lived in the Ghost Town we call home, the traditions at my home ran rampant all the hopes of the attacks Memphis May Fire. I was Born of Osiris, the deadly demon of my family's dreams which had ravaged my family for generations, which really explains my bad luck with the sea. My father sailed with the Black Veil Brides crew, he was sent to the fatherland of our people, to the south we had come to the others to start the Crown The Empire for future generations. “My god” he always said. “It was A Day To Remember, all the bodies falling at the point of the exit, I ran down Parkway Drive and followed the others to an abandoned building, one of the early projects.” he recalled “ The structures of the building couldn't be much more than Modern Day Escape hatches for the wealthy people of the town incase of the crews Abandon All Ships in the event of an attack.” He stood in his old rocking chair and looked like he had as a young lad, the sea captain of my dreams, he always looked like that statue of himself but with age, it stood in the corner as it looked so Motionless In White. “Son, I spent most of my life trying to Escape The Fate of God, I wasted most of my life waiting on my crew to Bring Me The Horizon, I’ve waited for that day to come for me come and stop Asking Alexandria.” He stopped looking at the picture of mom on the wall, I could see the sadness on his face escalating, he went to his desk and picked up his favorite book, Of Mice & Men, “ Chunk I want you to have this and take it with you everywhere you go it won't make sense at first, with time you will Capture The Crown for today you start Taking Back Sunday.” August Burns Red that summer, I spent the rest of that time not Falling In Reverse like my father. In This Moment, the nights and days of my existing at sea would have never happened if it wasnt for the Breathe Carolina. Those days were most likely the best days of my life, all the kids there were so young and eager with anticipation to go out on the open seas. I remember one day the camp priest always would blessthefall before each season, and I would look out on the harbor and see the priests daughter out fishing and watch Chelsea Grin as she would catch a fish off the good omen. I walked across the bay to the Chelsea and help her with it and ask “Miss May I?” and watch her giggle and run away from me playfully that is what made my Tonight Alive. After that night I was given the ship I was to report to the following morning, I read up on our competition, the other ships Eskimo Callboy, The Color Morale and The Word Alive. The ship I was assigned was Suicide Silence, the brutes of the whole idea of vessels out on the seas. Our best competition was the other vessel of our size, The Black Dahlia Murder. I used to Get Scared walking by the huge ship to get to my own, we were station in Texas in July, the hottest of the hot, but alas the best fishing in the land. I looked back on those days in the moments I now have very little of We Came As Romans before hand I personally thought We Are Defiance against the system, we spent the last night Sleeping With Sirens before they attacked. The barbarians, killing us off like animals to the slaughter, the swords and pistols much less than not Pierce The Veil of our armor. We were killed off in seconds, as the captain I was spared last to be slaughtered, I was sobbing Woe, Is Me while they stood over me, I looked through my tears atthe fallen dreams of the young around me looking back how we used to call ourselves Forever The Sickest Kids, look at them now all torn to shreds the parties we never shared more of to ourselves. I was turned over looking at the leader straight into the dark pits for eye sockets of my martyr. I look back at those thoughts as I See Stars now, the light oh the light.

The author's comments:
I wrote this paper to see if I can think of all my favorite bands such as Parkway Drive blessthefall and Chunk, No Captain Chunk into an epic adventure including some popular names from Warped Tour and other Scream Nu Metal Death core Sounds and bands into this epic story. I hope you like the way I used the names to the story , Enjoy!

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