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Why me?

September 10, 2017
By Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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Annie was taking her mother to the senate so she can meet her other family. What she didn't know was that her father was on her trail.

Annie and her mother walked into the senate. Hardin raced up to Annie and grabbed her in a big bear hug. "Hi Annie!" Hardin said. " ok! Easy on the hug! You don't want me to chase my head around! Hardin!" Annie said.

Hardin put Annie down and introduced himself to her mother. Annie's mom said,"' you are a very nice man." " yeah, he spends most of his time, taking a hike in nature." Brutus said.

" hi, I'm Brutus. I'm one of Annie's brothers. Somewhere around here is Julius Ceaser. He's such a crazy person sometimes." Brutus said. " I'm not crazy! If I was crazy, I would be the most coolest dictator ever!" Julius said as he leaped over Brutus.

" Julius Ceaser here and you must be Mrs. Johnson." Julius said. Annie's mother laughed. She couldn't believe that her daughter had so many friends who live in Rome.

" there she is!" Claudius said as he and Augustus walked into the senate. He gave Annie a supper bear hug. " Argh! Claudius!" Annie said. Annie was really embarrassed by her family from Rome.

Annie looked at her mother. "That's my family from Rome. Always there for me." She said. Sundenly, her father came charging in.
Brutus pulled Annie and her mother away from the door.

" give me my daughter and wife!" Her father said. Annie was scared. These people are family to her. Her father wants to get her away from the family who loves her to death.

Julius said, " Why should we even give you our little sister?!" Annie was pulled close to Brutus. She was scared of her father. She, because of him, is scared all the time.

" he's the reason why I'm so scared all the time!" Annie said, pointing at her father. Portia was upset and fought Annie's father.

Annie was serprised by Portia. She was also amazed by her sister's bravery to stand up to her father.

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