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What Luke Left Behind...

December 17, 2013
By RedWulf GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
RedWulf GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Cassy lay on her bed in Aphrodite's cabin, curled up and motionless. Except for the constant rising of her chest, you couldn't even tell she was alive. The other kids in the cabin ignored her, used to the comatose state after the first three weeks. She didn't eat or sleep or do anything except stare off into the distance. At least, to the others she did nothing.

Inside her head she was dying. All the memories, the hurt and anger swirled up inside her. Her body was numb from the pain, the betrayal. How could he do that? How could he want them all dead? He said he loved her, he said he would never hurt her. But where was he now when her heart was crumbling to dust?

With Kronos, planning and plotting to kill her and all the other gods and campers. Yeah, she wasn’t the prettiest of the Aphrodite girls or the smartest. But still, she deserved to live, didn’t she?

Luke stared at the portrait of Cassy in his hands, gently rubbing her cheek with his thumb. Her smile beamed up at him; that soft, sweet smile she always gave him when he complimented her beauty or gave her praise. He loved seeing that smile on her. Cassy was the only child of Aphrodite who didn’t know how beautiful she truly was.

With the waves of gold that framed her angelic, heart-shaped face and the blue eyes that sparkled mischievously every time he caught her eye; Luke could never forget her. The way her soft pink lips kissed him and smiled even when she was furious. That silly little blush of hers was on her photo too. Giving that hint of red to her snow-white skin that she always hated.

“I look like I stepped out of a Disney movie!” She would always giggle, making her blush even more. That was his favorite. The giggle. Sweet, musical and intoxicating. He’d do anything to hear it, even letting her put gel in his hair so she could give him a mohawk. Now he’d never hear it again if Kronos’s plan worked.

She was the only thing that kept him at camp and now, he left her. For Kronos, for revenge. And what was his reward? Watching the girl he loved, the place he grew up, burn to ashes before him.

“So, I was thinking of wearing the blue miniskirt with the pink halter, but then I saw the totes cute black summer dress I have. What do you think?” Drew asked Silena, the head counselor of the Aphrodite cabin. “Becau-” Drew’s nasally voice was cut off as Silena held up a hand, all the other chatter in the cabin ending at the same time.

“She’s awake...” Silena breathed, standing up and looking at her friend and sister, Cassy who was sitting up. Relief flooded through Silena like a tidal wave as she got up and went to her sister’s side. “Cassy?” Silena whispered, stroking Cassy’s golden locks. “Are you OK?”

No reply came from her as she stood up, Silena’s hand falling to her side. There was an eeriness to her movements, like a dead person was controlling her. It made them all scared and sad.

She was once the happiest in their cabin; always laughing or smiling. A twinkle hidden in the shining blue eyes or a secretive glow that made them beg to hear what secret she unearthed. Now, it was replaced with a deadness in her eyes and a hollowness to her face.

Cassy walked slowly to the window, resting her hand on the cold glass and parting her lips ever so slightly as she looked at her siblings. “What day is it?” She whispered, her voice rough and husky. One of the Aphrodite kids, Lacey, gave a small shriek and fainted right then and there.

“The 29....Of August.” A deep voice called from the doorway, all the heads turning to face the speaker. “I see you are up again, my dear... And while I’m sure your siblings wish to reclaim you, I must take you from them for awhile...

Chiron stood, or rather sat, looking sadly at Cassy. They all withdrew from Cassy who started walking towards him. Her hands gripped her pajama bottoms until her knuckles turned whiter than her skin. “Yes?” She whispered, her voice sounding like gravel.

“We must meet.” He gestured to his flank and helped Cassy climb on before trotting slowly away. When they were a safe distance away, Cassy slid off the Centaur expertly and stared at his brown eyes.

“Is it time?” Cassy whispered, ready for what would come. Chiron felt his heavy head nod and watched the girl get down on her knees, place her palms on the grass and murmur something in Greek before a scorpion crawled out of a hidden hole and onto the demi-god’s arm.

“Cassy...” The Centaur cleared his throat. “You don’t have to do this...”

“Chiron, don’t you see? I have to. This is the only way...” She gave him a blinding smile, trying to hide the tears that had swelled in her eyes. “Besides... I’ll get to see my da. Right? And it’s not goodbye, not real-Oh!”

She let out a cry, two oozing holes on her forearm and the scorpion scurried off trying to escape before being squished by Chiron’s hoof. The colors of the world swirled around Cassy before turning to back and the last thing she thought was Luke’s lips on hers before nothing.

Chiron looked sadly at the girl’s fallen corpse. Cassy had been young and a brave fighter. She shouldn’t have had to do this. They were always taken from him, so suddenly and so short was their life snuffed out. Kneeling, he picked up her body, still warm and carried her back to the camp for a proper burial.

The author's comments:
It's for this girl who's got an obsession with Luke Castellan so I wrote this.

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