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Call Me Bully

March 30, 2011
By Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
Odessa_Sterling00 DIAMOND, No, Missouri
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“Danielle is going, who else?” I stood up from my where I was sitting on the wall out in the school hall. My best friend Veronica was pacing in the hall as she read through her text messages. “I think that is it…” she glanced at me. I faint footsteps sounded at the end of the hall. “Someone’s coming,” I whispered casually, brushing the knees of my black jeans off. “Who?” Veronica peered around her. “Just a 7th grader.” At that moment a small girl turned the corner. Her hair was brushed perfectly and her flare jeans looked ironed, not a wrinkle in sight. She had a stack of library books, meaning she was at the library at one side of the school, and the 7th graders lockers and classes were on the other side. I notice her muscles tighten up and she squeezed the books to her chest. She put her head down and walked past, she was breathing hard; too, I could hear it. When she turned the corner, Veronica looked at me and shook her head. Last hour was almost over, and me and Veronica shared the same class, gym. We skipped most days, and especially today. We were going to a concert with a ton of people. Danielle, Toby, Wesley, and a bunch of other people were meeting us there. Veronica had on a Harrison Drag Racer shirt, smeared with paint that never came off in the wash, and a pair of baggy ripped jeans. Her torn apart shoes were far from new, they were held together with duct tape. Her boyfriend, Wesley, always taped them up for her, he carried a rolled of duct tape with him everywhere. More footsteps came, and these ones were crisp and sharp. “Teacher,” Veronica nodded and hurried into the girls bathroom. I turned to the locker behind me and started twisting the dial. With my amazing hearing, I listened carefully to the click as I spun the combination dial. A teacher rounded the corner, arms full of files. She walked past me, glancing at me faintly and then heading down the hall and turning the corner. I opened the locker, knowing she was listening for the sound. The locker was neat and organized a faint smell of gross cheap perfume, and a lip gloss, which was in a row at the back. Feeling anger at the neat locker, I reached in a grabbed as many lip glosses as I could and flung them to the ground. The printed out pictures of girly boy-bands of the walls I ripped off, and the neat piled of papers and books scattered on the bottom on the locker. Slamming it shut I saw Veronica smiling from the bathroom door way. “Having extra fun?” Nodding I kicked a lip gloss down the hall.

We were in the bathroom when the release bell rang and I heard the kids running around. A high pitched girl’s voice rang out near-by. “What the…” Gasping and giggling from other people came now and then more high pitched voice. “Someone trashed my… my locker!” I could hear the tears in her voice and I laughed out loud. I left Veronica in the bathroom fixing her hair. Walking over to the lucky girl, Eliza Smithson, I leaned against the locker next to her’s. “I saw who did it,” I bragged narrowing my eyes at her. “Who!” her voice was on the verge of hysterics and she was fidgeting badly. Her shaky hands were busily trying to re-organize. “I can’t tell you,” I smirked and I heard her draw in a shaky breath. “Please tell me! This is so un-called for! I didn’t do anything! I’ll bet it was Suzie! She …” I held my hand up in her face. “I don’t wanna hear about your drama, I’ll tell you the perpetrator if you pay up.” “How much,” she glanced around nervously at the slowly emptying hallways. “10 bucks might do the trick.” She narrowed her eyes, and then dug in her bag for the cash. Handing it to me, she begged “Who, who, who, who.” “Susanne Mitch, she looked pretty mad,” I turned to walk away and I heard her give a high pitched squeal, slam her locker and run off down the hall. “Nice,” Veronica jerked her head toward the end of the hall, and we left silently.

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Just a short story I thought of on the spot.

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