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Death Bringing Love.

January 27, 2010
By WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
WeetzieBat PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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“I couldn't believe it when it happened. It was an implausible fact, that I couldn't take. After twenty years she was ripped from my life, thrown into the mix that is the dead. The tears had stung my face, and my heart was aching! It was like it had been stabbed, but not enough to kill me, just enough for it to take me a long time to bleed out.

I wanted her back. I wanted my cat named Babylon back. Petey, you know him, he and I got her when she was only two weeks old. We bottle fed her, and taught her to walk, and she would mew so softly... God.

Jeff, you have no idea how much sorrow you get when you have a companion that long!” Lydia sobbed it out, her heart pounding, eyes filled with tears. Jeff was the only man she could talk to, and feel comfortable with talking to about these depressing things.

Jeff himself had loved Lydia for a very long time, but when she lost Babylon she had changed. Her movements were sad, she didn't want to do things at all. Jeff had met Babylon just only once, but he had loved the sparky gray tabby cat.

“Lydia, I know. I know I will never know how you feel, but I will always be here for you! Lydia...I love you,” Jeff nervously spoke, and Lydia collapsed in his arms, sorrowful, and feeling alone. Jeff held her tight, upset that losing Babylon was so tough for Lydia.

“Jeff, I want Babylon back! I just... I cannot take in this horrid fact! I want her back...” Lydia sobbed it all out, grasping him. His arms stayed tight around her, as she cried senselessly. It was breaking his heart to see her like this.

“I love you too,” She softly whispered, wiping away the tears. “I know Babylon is gone, but you're here for me Jeff, and I love you.”

Jeff smiled at her, and then slowly lifted up his hand to wipe away the last of the tears, as he smiled at her, “Love you too.”

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