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Fire Heart6

April 21, 2010
By natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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Chapter 6: The beginning bound
The Next Few Days
Were perfectly wonderful for Drew and me. We walked to class together, we ate lunch at our own table, and pretty much everything we did we were with each other.
Drew had gotten all of our classes together, and that way, I couldn’t be out of his sight for any possible reason. There were absolutely no secrets between us. No longer was there anything impossibly crazy and out of the ordinary.

“So tell me more about it. Your history, life as a werewolf.” I asked curiously as I walked on the thin stone sidewalk in the rainy woods back behind Tills High School that opened up into a large misty clearing.
Drew walked behind me, his balance perfectly straight, as it was effortless for him to do anything naturally hard or impossible for a human. “Well, I can tell you how it works first.
That way you will be able to understand what I am talking about when I talk about my history. Well first of all, no superstitions are true, so forget whatever you herd.
On a blood moon, at twelve o’clock, we are a werewolf for one hour, and it is out of our control.
We have to be careful about temper, because if we lose it, we turn into a werewolf, and we can fix ourselves at any time we want to. Being bit by a werewolf is how you become one.
Or you can be cursed by a person involved in a large monarchy. Rarely do they have the power to do that, and that has only happened once or twice. We have extra human senses that work very well.
The only thing that is impaired is our sense of emotions. We have common sense, and certain ideas of emotions in other people, but we cannot detect them as well as humans.
We can only be killed by a silver bullet in the heart. After that, we have to be completely demolished, or we sort of resurrect as a vampire.” As he said the last words I slipped and fell backward.
He caught me and gazed in my eyes. “Are you being able to follow along so far?” He asked smiling.
His head was wet from the mist and water dripping off the leave tips of the evergreen trees surrounding the sidewalk on which we walked. “We are a figure of horror, and seen as beasts.
The word werewolf itself means wearer of wolf skin. The word Therianthropy is the ability to metamorphose into animals in general. The species or category we belong in is just that.”
I stopped and turned around. “So you mean there are others of your kind, not just werewolves?” “Yes. There are centaurs, birds of different sorts, cats, but the most common are lichens.
We are the most common, yet the most complex and dangerous. We are the most vulnerable to killing and the most vulnerable to be killed.
We only live in New York and Michigan, because we like the cold misty weather. Still following?” He asked sighing. I huffed and nodded. He swung me up in his arms and jumped off the sidewalk.
“The word Verseipelles means to turn skin or coat. All these words help originate into the word werewolf itself. Oh and rye and mistletoe are the worst smells there are to us.” I laughed.
“Then I guess I won’t hang mistletoe for Christmas.” We laughed. “When someone is bit by a werewolf, only another werewolf can save them. It is all crucial timing, and knowing self control.
It is only a myth, and I don’t know if it is true, because I have never tried it. When you are bite by a werewolf, only another can help you change back. It is crucial timing because the venom sets quickly.
Once the venom sets, it flows so fast through the blood, there is no time. So before the venom sets, the werewolf has to slice the persons head open, and suck the venom carefully out of the blood.
When a werewolf saves a venomized person, it has to be truly of a love factor. Otherwise, your willpower is not there. And when they slice the head, a wound opens on the wolves head.
When they suck the blood there wound begins to bleed. See we werewolves don’t bleed. We ooze a yellowish substance. The wolf will feel any emotion that person is feeling as long as that person lives.
The only hard thing is, when we just get a little sample of human blood, our hunting instincts take control and set in. We often become a werewolf, and go crazy.
We end up killing the person. That is why there has to be a true love factor. Now about Fire Hearts.
That here on your neck,” he stroked my sensitive Fire Heart. “”It is a match. Lichens are matched with others of their kind.
My match was defected, and I got my little Sweetheart, a human. So it took effect on you, and it was killing you. I opened your Fire Heart, and put the goop from mine on yours.
All better.” He sighed, and looked to the left distance. He walked swiftly over to a large sturdy tree draping down, just at the foggy clearance.
He leaned back on a tree, and slid down into a sitting position against it. He leaned his head back, and outstretched his neck, so he was completely facing the sky.
Not that there was much to see. His eyes were closed, and he swallowed heavily and exhaled. I put my hand on his burning face. “What’s wrong?” I asked whispering as I stroked his extremely soft and gentle skin.
“Have you ever felt insignificant if you compared yourself to another person?” He asked. “Well of course. I feel that way every day. But I like it somehow.”
He shook his head and opened his eyes to look and smile at me. “No Aar, I feel insignificant compared to you, but I don’t know why or how. I m looking hard and digging deep to find it, but somehow, some way I can’t.”
He shook his head. “I love how you are just so innocent.” He laughed and pressed his lips against mine shortly. “Build up in moderation.” He whispered in my ear.
“So you never mentioned anything to me about your history. I suppose you forgot that I asked you that?” I questioned playfully. “Well, it all started with Ulrich of course.
In 1732, he married my mother Serena, when she was only seventeen. He was a little older, about twenty-two. She was a young settler coming from Ireland, moving to America.
Ulrich was already in the area, and worked with the Navajo tribe. He grew up with the tribe, as his parents didn’t make it much longer after they arrived at the settlement when he was about five.
They were good friends with the Navajo, and as they were dying, asked the chief to take him in until he was old enough and capable of taking care of himself.
He learned the ways of the Navajo, and dressed like them. Though he didn’t look like one, he was one in the heart. Settlers started to move into the area when Ulrich was like I said about twenty-two.
He went with the Navajo tribe and their chief to fight them off, when they found Serena and her family, rugged and in need of help. They brought them into their home, until they could build their own.
Ulrich immediately fell in love with the vulnerable Serena, kind of like me falling in love with you, who was young and knew no better than to fall in love with a handsome European who followed the ways of the Navajo.
When they married, they moved farther out near Oklahoma.
They decided to have children, and in 1734, they had Melina when Serena was nineteen. Now remember, this was 1734, she was eligible to be married and have a child at fifteen.
And then a year later, they had me. Melina and I used to be very close. We did everything together, as we were only a year apart. Melina has always had the attitude that she has now.
She has always been kind of cocky and felt like she was above all else. The same year they had me, we became friends with another family living close by. It happened to be Damien and his clan.
He had a wife named Samira; the two men were Abner and Agustin. The three dogs you saw were actually women named Abril, Acacia, and Acelynn. They were all about the same age group, about nineteen to twenty-five. We didn’t know that after months of a strong relationship of the Baclinning clan, they were planning to eat us.
See something you didn’t know was that Damien and his clan where wolves. When you saw those dogs, they were just women. When they attacked us, Ulrich pulled them off just in the nick of time.
He became a wolf and so did Serena. The thing was we didn’t. We grew up to be at the age of seventeen and eighteen. We grew up in Long Island New York, where we came from.
In 1742, Damien came to Long Island New York and found us. They decided to try and eat Melina and me because at that age, the blood is perfectly ripe and delicious.
So they tried, but Ulrich and Serena protected us. After that, we were all werewolves. Our family became lonely, with only a seventeen year old, and a nineteen year old.
Our parents looked very young, Serena being twenty, and Ulrich only twenty-five. It did look a little odd with such young parents, and teenagers. We moved up to Canada in 1901.
There, Melina made the mistake of falling in love with a human. That is why Melina isn’t fond of us being together.” He sighed. “So what happened between Melina and this human?”
I asked. “Well, she met a young man named Meegwin. It was dangerous, and my parents didn’t approve of it.
She never told him that she was a wolf. And one day, she let her temper get the better of her, and she accidently killed him. And as he died in her arms, she told him.
Do you see the dangers?” He asked me in a quivered tone, that I dismissed to be caused by the usually freezing temperature. “Yes, but I knew from the beginning.
So that makes it different. I know how much I am risking my life, I know the dangerous position I am putting myself in, he didn’t. Do you see what I am saying?”
I asked my eyes a little wider. He nodded and kissed my forehead. “I love you, but you are completely and utterly insane.” He laughed and stroked my hair. “So anyways, after that, we found Eleanor. She was dying of hypothermia in a snowstorm. Ulrich loved her, like a daughter, and turned her into a wolf.
Then found Carson, and he was already a wolf when we found him.
He was just bitten a few hours before we found him in the cellar of an old abandon home. There was nothing we could do to save him and Eleanor fell in love with him.
So we took him home, and trained him, if that is what you want to call it. A few years ago, we found Marcella roaming the jungles of Africa. Marcella was turned into a wolf only a few years ago, and she is at the age of twelve, so she will never go to high school.
So basically, that is our history.” He concluded. I nodded. “Well one thing I have learned from this is…you are old.” I laughed. He laughed and kissed my forehead.
“Hey, I look good for my age. And to you, yes I am old.” I shook my head, and he got up from sitting. He put me on my feet, and brushed off my black knee length button up coat.
“So, Damien was wolf correct?” I asked circling him. “Correct.” He answered in an awkward tone. “Okay so he moved to New York right after he made you lichen.
Correct?” He nodded. “So what are the odds of…” I started. “Don’t you dare even think about it Aaralyn.” He folded his arms. “Well Drew, I already did.
I couldn’t help thinking about it. I was just wondering what it would be like. I mean it can’t be so bad. If you have someone. And you would if I were like you.”
I pointed out. He picked me up and walked into the clearing. He laid me on my back in the damp grass and looked into my eyes. “I love you too much. I love you, but you are totally and completely insane.”
He shook his head smiling and he pressed his lips to mine. It felt like heaven I felt like my body was literally spinning in circles, and it was like the end of me.
I was sure that I was dead, and Drew had somehow quickly and completely sucked the blood and flesh out of me. Then the spinning slowly glided to a stop, and I felt damp on my back.
“Well that heavenly feeling ended.” I huffed and sighed. “Don’t feel that way. You know now that we really do have all the time in the world.” He smiled and sat down next to me.
He pulled me on his lap and rocked back and forth. “See, we do have every second in this whole universe. Because remember, I am here, you are here, and the present matters.
Not the past or the future. You can’t worry about what did happen or what will happen. Because Aaralyn Sandra Harding I am vowing to you that you have my life.
I have given you everything I have. My body isn’t empty though. It is filled with love. My body can’t stop working because there is so much love in it. Remember the good past.
Not the bad past. And tomorrow this will be the good past. Don’t remember when I tried to stay away from you. If you do, just laugh. And know that those times are over.
We have our whole life together. Remember that.” His burning lips set my hair on fire as he kissed it. I shivered, yet he held me tighter, until I started to shiver violently in his arms.
Then he laid me back and swayed elegantly from side to side and hushed me. I closed my eyes, and began to hum a beautiful melody. It was so beautiful and sweet.
I opened my eyes with a questioned look. “What?” he asked smiling. “That song. It’s so beautiful. Who is it written by?” I asked. “Someone very close to you.
Someone who loves you very much wrote this song for you.” He smiled and hummed again. I began to look troubled as I thought harder. He smiled and shook his head.
“Never mind it.” He sighed.

I recalled the beautiful past that night as I lay in my bed. I couldn’t help but smile all the way through it.

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