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Fire Heart14

April 21, 2010
By natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
natygrace1217 PLATINUM, Jefferson, Maryland
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Chapter 14: Meeting the Givers

Drew kissed my forehead. As soon as he stood up, I heard a deep rumble pulling in close to us. I closed my eyes and I let out a shaky weak breath. He cleared his throat, silently ordering me to get up, and face everything.
His breath was shaky as he held me close behind him. “Honey, don’t be scared.” His breath was so shaky, his face much paler than usual. His hand was cold, sweaty, and clammy.
I pulled his hand up and examined it. I rubbed it back and forth, my eyes souly concentrated on his hand. “Drew, I’m calmer than you.” I laughed under my breath.
“I just need this to be perfect. I know they are going to love you, but my siblings will be a little intimidated…I think.” He shuddered and looked down. I laughed and pushed him so he could start walking.
He grimaced and walked forward. “Mom, Dad, this is Aaralyn.” He walked me over to them. “Hmm, Drew you have picked a pretty one.” He smiled at me, and I blushed back.
“It is very nice to meet you Aaralyn.” He extended his hand very formally and I took without question. “Well Drew, she is your match…in a lot of ways.”
Serena’s voice was long and elegant. It ebbed and flowed in a beautiful tone. She smiled quaintly and her flashing white teeth showed. Ulrich turned around and raised his voice.
“Melina, Carson, Eleanor, Marcella, come here now.” He put his hand up and signaled.
I looked up at Drew, and he seemed calm now. His hand didn’t seem so clammy and sweaty anymore, and his face had the cheerful pink color again. The four of them walked over, their pace in unison.
It abided by tallest to shortest in the order of Carson, Melina, Eleanor, and Marcella respectively. Ulrich brought Carson forward, pulling him by his shoulders.
Carson was tall and muscular. He wasn’t as big as Drew, but he was large as well.
His name seemed to fit his look of black slicked hair, long wide legs, large arms, and his chest was spread out, and he had a small head. He was very handsome, not as handsome as Drew in my opinion. “This is Carson.” Ulrich announced.
He stepped aside, giving Carson room. He walked a little forward, not saying anything. “You picked a really cute one Drew. Yeah man, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”
They slapped hands, Drew sort of laughing, but definitely smiling. Ulrich signaled for Melina to come up. Her walk was stylish and perfectly balanced and toned.
Her beautiful brown locks bounced as she walked. She stood there, her balance perfectly placed on her right hip, flared to the side.
Her hand was placed on the same hip, her body placed in a perfectly fashioned manner. Her grey pants flared at the ankles, and her high heels were tall and skinny.
Her grey jacket matched, and her white blouse underneath barely showed. Her brown locks hung there calmly on her chest and shoulders. “Melina,” Ulrich encouraged.
“Nice to meet you.” She whispered lightly. She strutted over to where Carson stood and huffed.
He nudged her on the arm and she grimaced. “Marcie.” Ulrich called. She scampered over to Ulrich’s side, her walk almost like a hobble. She wasn’t nearly as elegant as the others.
Her limp and stringy legs bent and twisted in awkward positions. Her arms hung effortlessly at her waist, her long and bony fingers were skinny and uptight.
Though she looked limp, her legs had muscle upon muscle spurting out of them. Her arms looked as if there were big balls sitting on top of her boney skinny arm.
“Hello.” Her voice wasn’t very settle like the others. I wouldn’t have thought she herself was a werewolf. I couldn’t work up the nerve to say anything to any of them.
Drew seemed much more relaxed and settled once things went the way they did. “Well Drew we are going to leave you both alone for a little bit. We are going shopping for new clothes.”
Ulrich concluded that things were finished. Drew nodded. We stood there until they were out of the drive way. He picked me up and kissed my forehead.
“Well that went well.” He concluded putting me down. “Yeah I guess so. If you want to exadurate just a bit.” I rocked back and forth on my heels. He shook his head and slung me over his shoulder.
He started walking off to I don’t know where. I beat his back with my fist, but that was no use, he probably couldn’t feel it. “Put me down!” “Put me down! Put me down!”
He laughed and mimicked me. “You aren’t very funny you know.” I huffed and sighed. “Yeah right! I think this is hilarious! You…struggling helplessly in my arms…you again getting all worked up….yeah Sweetheart this is priceless!”
“Ha ha I find this so funny. Only you would think this because you are so eragent and mean.” I gave it right back to him, showing him symbolically by my words that I wasn’t going to let him dominate me.
“Then why are you still here tolerating it?” He asked in a sweeter not so cocky tone. “You know why.” I muttered. “Hmmm…refresh my memory please.”
His cocky tone was still visible, but I didn’t fight back this time. “Drew don’t make me do this…it is complicated.” Please.” “I’m stuck here. I got stuck in a hole and I cant get out.
But the strange thing is…I don’t want to. Do you know what I mean?” I asked. He huffed and appeared as though he was thinking for a while. I could tell he wasn’t really thinking.
“Well duh Aar that was a stupid question. I feel that way every second of my life numerous times I have told you that.” He rolled his eyes and stared at me.
“You are absolutely hilarious!” I laughed in a playful tone of disbelief. His face turned solemn. “You know…” he set me down and turned me towards him so I could see his glistening green staring me down.
I felt my knees lock and tremble as I stared back at him. “Your what my heart beats for.”
He smiled shyly like a fool. It was a Drew thing I loved. “You’re the reason I havent pulled all my hair out from the anger of my selfless depression. You’re the reason im way in over my head.
You’re the reason for everything good. And one little tiny not so good thing. Im like obsessed. Obsessed and addicted. Obsessed with you and addicted to love.
But I don’t want to go farther so don’t get the wrong impression and think lower of me, no. But it’s in a good way. I swear.” He seemed a little conscious about what I thought of him.
I thought to myself, ‘There is totally no need for that! He is the boyfriend of every girl’s dream! (Except for the whole werewolf thing. Totally okay with me!)’
he cocked his head looking at me as I daydreamed about what I was saying in my head. “What in the world?” he asked me laughing. I looked at him once I snapped out of it.
He laughed and shook his head. “Don’t strain yourself by thinking too much now.” He teased. I rolled my eyes and I started to walk. He latched my hand with his.
“So…” He sighed. “What now?” I asked him like it was a continual thing. Which it wasn’t, but I liked to tease him anyway. “Your mean.” He teased back.
I loved when we had little moments like this. Just little cute moments that were obviously priceless and much cherished by the both of us. This was one of my favorite things about us.
“Oh I know. I’m absolutely horrible.” I kept it going with a big grin on my face. He squeezed my hand and laughed. “I want to show you something.” He whispered in my ear.
He really had to bend down to get near my ear. I was a lot shorter than him. He was naturally tall and I was naturally short. “Okay I guess you can show me something.
But you have to do something for me.” I pushed. He looked at me with a fake confused look. I winked at him and he immediately knew what I wanted. He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.
“Oh your cute.” He whispered under his breath his lips still lightly pressed to mine. “Hmph.” I muttered and he pulled away. “Would you just shut up and have fun?
Your so uptight sometimes.” He muttered and playfully punched my arm. “I am not uptight!” I squealed. “Oh okay.”
He rolled his eyes. “Little Ms. I’m-not-going-to-agree-with-Drew-even-though-I-know-he’s-right because-I-like-to-be-right-and-don’t-want-to-listen-to-the-guy-who-has-been-alive-for-over-one-hundred-years!
Oh no, I could never do that!” He mimicked. “Would you shut up? And that is not how I talk, sound, nor is it uptight!” I raised my voice but it was hard to keep my smile back.
He sat there with his arms crossed and his face straight for just a minute. But then a grin peeked and grew larger and larger until he was laughing. I didn’t notice I did the same exact thing until he was tracing my open mouth ever so lightly with his immaculately skilled fingers.
They never shook or made lines they weren’t supposed to. It was perfect just like him. “Alright, now that I’ve wasted words with you,” He poked me playfully in the stomach.
I smiled. “Can we go now?” He asked. I nodded and he picked me up and ran over to the driveway. I laughed out of fear and enjoyment at the same time.
It sounded almost like a giggle and he laughed at the sound. I was on his back and I laid my head on his and pressed my nose against his hair. I heard him sigh.
I kissed the back of his head and got his sweet scent in my mouth. I couldn’t ever explain what it tasted like or smelled like. It was enough to dazzle me or mesmerize me.
I didn’t exactly know what it was yet. I dug deeper into my heart and I knew what that feeling was…LOVE.
I had to tell what I was feeling at that moment. I mean we have said it before, but this time it was overflowing me. “Drew…I love you.” I said laughing at the fun ride he was giving me.
I guess he sensed that I was enjoying things and maybe he was to. Because he didn’t stop at the house. He ran around it and went back into the woods. He laughed with his large bellowing laugh.
I laughed too but mine was much smaller than his, the cause being my face was buried in the back of his head sniffing his sweet scent. He sighed. “Thank God you said that.
I am so glad you do, because I was just thinking the same thing. I love you to.” He replied with a sigh of relief. “Where are we going?” I asked still laughing.
“Well we were going to the house until I actually started to enjoy this. So we are just kind of running around. Do you trust me?” He asked playfully. “Absolutely not!” I teased back.
“Then hold on tight and enjoy this one little girl!” he whispered as he ran back through the woods. He sped up considerably. I made that giggling noise again.
“You are so cute.” He muttered and sped up even more. I could barely see and wind beat my face and swallowed all my laughing. I buried my face in his hair again and I could feel his heart beating fast.
Faster than ever before. I laughed into his hair and he laughed to. I loved his big laugh. It was so perfect I couldn’t imagine anything more like him. His laugh identified him to be Drew.
It was another Drew thing I liked. He is completely perfect and amazing. There was definitely nothing out there, whatever or wherever there is, like him.
I couldn’t imagine anyone better than him. I couldn’t imagine anyone better for me than him. I knew right then and there that we really had something going.
And I knew I couldn’t loose it. It was something priceless, it was almost something I couldn’t just walk away from. My love for Drew was there forever and it wasn’t going anywhere. And as far as I was concered neither where we. I loved him.

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