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The King of Lamoria

May 7, 2010
By kairi789 GOLD, Spanaway, Washington
kairi789 GOLD, Spanaway, Washington
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Chapter eight

Tara woke up and got herself ready for the next day. She was about to walk out of her room when a woman came in carrying a dress between her arms. “Hello my name is Nichole.” “I’m under direct orders form the king.” “He told me to make sure you put this dress on.” Tara looked thoroughly at the dress. It was pink and extremely puffy. “Why would he want me to wear that ugly thing?” “The millard ball is at six o’clock tonight.” “I’m supposed to see if it fits you right.” “Now go into your dressing room and try this dress on.” Tara opened the door to her dressing room, which was built into the wall across from her bed. There were dresses hung up on hangers all over the room. She walked in and closed the door. She quickly got undressed and put the pink dress on. She went back to her bedroom. ”I’m so happy the dress fits you so well.” “Now I don’t have to order a new one.” “You can tell Peter I’m not going to wear this.” “All right, I’ll tell him.” “I hope he won’t be angry with me.” Nichole walked out of Tara’s room and went downstairs. Tara took of the dress and put her old one back. It was green and cut simple. But she thought it was beautiful.

Peter was sitting on his chair in the throne room. “I’m sorry Nichole, but she is going to have to wear that dress.” “It’s traditional for the king’s wife to wear a big dress to the millard ball.” “I guess I’m going to have to have to talk some into that girl.” “Thank you for telling me.” He walked upstairs to Tara’s room. He saw her sitting on her bed. He decided to sit across from her. “Nichole tells me you’re not going to wear the dress I picked out for you.” “I would really appreciate it if you would wear it.” “Well that’s just too bad for you, because I’m not going to wear it.” “I wish you never picked it out for me.” “You could have chosen a much better one.” “Oh well, I’ll just have to find one which suits me better.” “I can see you’ve already made up your mind.” “You don’t like anyone telling you not to do something you want to do you? “I’ll tell Nichole to bring up a variety of dresses to your room so you can choose one.” He walked back to the throne room in a hurry.

Nichole walked back to Tara’s room. She was carrying at least twenty different dresses. She laid all of them on Tara’s bed. “The king told me to bring all of these to your room so you can choose one.” “Now which dress do you like the best?” “I think I like this one.” Tara picked out one that was dark blue with glitter all over it. She thought it looked almost exactly like her mother’s dress. “I can’t believe the king changed his mind about this.” “He must have very strong feelings for you.” “No, I believe you are wrong Nichole.” “I know he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for me.” “He has never acted like he does.” “Maybe is afraid you won’t return them.” “We are much too different from each other.” “He loves to live by rules and I don’t.” “You know you are considerably lucky.” “Peter is a rare man.” “He could have made you do anything he wanted.” “But instead he lets you have a freedom of choice.” “I am glad he isn’t like most other kings.” “But I could truly never love him.” “You could change your mind over time.” “I don’t think I ever will.” “Can you please leave me now?” “I can get myself ready for the millard ball.” “If that is what you want.” Nichole walked out of Tara’s room. Tara went back to her dressing room with her new dress. She quickly changed out of her old dress and put on the newer one. I might as well try to look my best for tonight. After she finished getting dressed, she sat in her chair and started to read again.

After a couple hours passed, she looked up at the clock hanging against one of her walls. I can’t believe its six o’clock now. I should be going to the ballroom. She got up and placed her book into her bookshelf. She started to walk down the stairs to the ballroom. All the walls were painted red and white. She guessed there was at least a hundred people eating and dancing. I don’t even know why I came here. I hate being around huge groups of people. I think I should be leaving now. But it was already too late; she turned around and saw Peter standing in front of her. He was wearing his long royal robes. “I thought you were never going to come.” “I was just about to go up to your room and ask why you didn’t want to come.” “I’m glad you decided to come.” “Now we have to lead the first dance.” He took one of her hands and placed his other hand around her waist. They danced graciously for about two hours. Peter looked at her and said, “Can you please try talking to some of my guests?” “They are very anxious to meet you.” “All right, I guess I can try to talk to them.” “Can you tell me where they are? “They are waiting for you over there.” He pointed to a small group not too far from him.

She walked over to where they were. As she was walking, she there was only four young women. She stopped walking and said, “Hello my name is Tara.” “I’m the one who you have been waiting for.” She gently shook their hands. Three of them were very tall and the other one was short. Two of them had brown straight hair and green eyes. The other two had blond hair and blue eyes. The short chubby one with blond hair and blue eyes spoke up and said; “Hello my name is Katelyn.” “I am the oldest of my three younger sisters.” “My sister’s names are Leana, Diana, and Jessica.” “Our father is the king of Spain.” “We have learned English as our second language.” “I wish I could trade my life with yours.” “I’ve always wanted to be married to a king.” “Just think of all the money you gain and the rest of the privileges you also gain after you are married.” Tara was about to speak but Katelyn interrupted her. “I’ve heard you’ve tried to run away two times.” “And that you weren’t even punished for it.” “I think your husband should at least of hit you for running away.” “I guess he just isn’t tough enough.” Tara replied, “How dare you tell me I deserve to be beaten.” “No woman should have to be beaten by any man, even her own husband.” “What is wrong with your sisters?” “Do they ever talk?” “Or do you always speak for them?” “My sisters don’t need to talk.” “I speak their thoughts for them.” “Isn’t that right my sisters?” All of them nodded their heads in agreement. “I’m not going to talk to you anymore.” “I’m going to tell Peter how you have humiliated me and my sisters.” She walked away and started to look for Peter. She kept on asking everyone if they knew where Peter was. She had finally found him talking to a huge crowd of people. “I wanted you to know that Tara has humiliated me in front of my sisters.” “When I got back to Spain, I’ll tell my father how your wife has treaded me and my sisters.” “I’m very sorry for anything my wife has done to make you this angry.” “I’ll make sure to talk to her later.” Katelyn and her sisters turned around and left.

Tara was walking upstairs to her room. I don’t know why I stayed at the ball that long. I shouldn’t have even gone to it. Now I’m probably going to be punished for speaking my opinion. She lay down on her bed and waited impatiently for Peter. A few minutes later, she heard a knock at her door. “Go ahead and come in Peter.” He closed the door and sat on a chair across from her bed. “Katelyn told me you humiliated her.” “All I did was tell her what she didn’t want to hear.” “She is rude, bossy, and a spoiled brat.” “Please don’t make me apologize to her, because I’m not sorry for what I have done.” “Don’t worry; I’m not going to make you apologize.” “I’m just glad someone had the courage to tell her she’s wrong.” “Everyone I know is terrified of her.” “Thank you for understanding this situation.” “There is something I’ve been wanting to know.” “Nichole thinks you have romantic feelings for me.” “Now I want you to tell me the truth.” “Do you really love me?” “I won’t lie to you.” “I do love you.” “I know you aren’t in love with me Tara.” “But I’m always going to love you no matter how you feel about me.” “Now I wish I never asked you.” “I thought you were going to say you weren’t in love with me.” “I hope you won’t waste your love on me for the rest of your life.” “You’re not a waste of my life.” “I’ll never fell this way for any other girl.” “I’m sorry Peter; I don’t think I can ever love you.” “So you better find someone else.” “I want you to get out my room now.” “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” Without saying another word, he quickly walked out of her room. She fell asleep and tried to think of anything else which could distract her thoughts away from Peter.

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