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August 27, 2011
By theintrovertmonologues DIAMOND, Pittsford, New York
theintrovertmonologues DIAMOND, Pittsford, New York
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Is it weird that I sometimes like to imagine our future together as a couple? Not way into the future, like marriage or anything. More like around three or four years into the future. I like to imagine we’re both going to the same University, probably SUNY Albany or something like that. You major in Theater and I major in Criminal Justice so we don’t really see each other much but sometimes we both have the same free period so we have picnics on those days and we both look forward to them. I like to imagine that we live together in a tiny little apartment just a few blocks away from the University. It's cramped with all of our junk and we're constantly bumping into or tripping over things like giant stuffed bears, lava lamps, weights that you say I don't use enough, guitars and skateboards. Despite all this, it's still a cozy place to live in and call our own and we love being able to live together in privacy. We both complain that we don’t see each other enough because on top of school we both have part time jobs, you as a waitress at a cafe and me as a waiter at a nice Italian restaurant. But even though we hardly see each other during the day we always have a late dinner together at the apartment. Sometimes I bring something home from the restaurant or maybe I pick up chinese because I know it's your favorite. We sit on the sofa and watch TV while we eat (Always the shows YOU want to watch) and then we cuddle up in bed together and you complain that my feet are too cold and “Oh God would you please cut that toenail?” And when I say fine I’ll just sleep on the couch you say don’t you dare and then you fall asleep in my arms and I just lay there and enjoy your warmth and your coffee scented hair until I eventually fall asleep to the rhythm of your breathing and heartbeat.

Is it weird that I imagine all this? Of course it is, it’s one of the creepiest things I could ever tell you. And so I’ll add this to the never ending list of questions I’ll probably never ask you.

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