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Drawing hearts In window steam

December 30, 2011
By DaviDooxoxorawr SILVER, Centralia, Washington
DaviDooxoxorawr SILVER, Centralia, Washington
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I remember the first time we met.
The music is blasting in my ears, as Sara drags me across the roller rink her long arm wrapped around my waist. I laugh at her cute antics she turns around and gives me her eye-smile, the same smile that melts the heart of many boys. Sara is tall for her age with wavy brown hair, milky skin and plump pink lips. We skate hand and hand, happily on the wooden floor. Sara loses her balance bringing us both down, I hear others around us laughing, i turn to glare only to be met by the same cold eyes, my sister eyes. Our dark brown cold eyes are what we are famous for.

"Jess" I yell and get up to hug her, she embraces me. I wrap my arms around her little waist and slightly snuggle my face in her golden curls.

"hey, I'm still on the ground"

We leave each others arms and help Sara up off the ground.

"Jessica what are you doing here?"

"Just hanging out with Alexis, Sophie and some boys"

Sara only hearing the words boys start jumping up and down

"are they high school boys?" she squeals

"yes Sara high school boys” Jessica grabs Sara hands then laces her finger with mine.

"come hang with us"

I look at Sara asking for permission, she smiles while nodding her head at a fast pace.

"sweet, Its been a long time since I have seen Alexis"

Alexis is my sister best friend she tall with long black hair that cascades down her back, naturally tan skin that gives of a sexy vibe and a slightly mature face. Jessica gives me a pouty face, I raise my eyebrow questioning her pout.

"shes with her new boyfriend and he only talks to her so shes not paying any attention to me and Sofee”

"is he shy?" Sara asks, Jess nods her head and drags me and Sara over to their table.

I see five attractive boys sitting around the table one I recognize from my school. four of the boys are eating pizza the other is holding Alexis’s hand. I study his every feature he's handsome with big eyes and pouty lips, chiseled features I can tell from his arm muscle that he is athletic . I greet Sophie with a wave she gives me a kind smile back her chubby cheeks fill up her whole face I hug Alexis. I sit at the table and chat with Sofee, Jessica and Sara. Alexis literally spends the whole time talking to her boyfriend. the boys leave to play arcade games. Alexis announces Jess and Sofee that she has to go to the bathroom they leave. Leaving me and Sara alone with Alexis’s boyfriend. I decide to introduce myself.

"hi I'm Krystal ,Jessica's sister"

The boy only looks at me and Sara. He doesn’t introduce himself or even acknowledge me and Sara, he just stares. What kind of person just stares like that, the nerve of him.
"wow, you are shy" I scoff at him and pull Sara out of the chair to lead her away from this jerk.
"wait, your Krystal" he asked almost like he has heard of me
I nod my head and continue to leave.

Looking back on the day blush, from embarrassment. Back then I didn't think I'd be in love.
A year goes by without seeing your face. I soon forget all about you.
A new school year comes along and there you are again. Still the same simple boy. It is me that has changed, maybe for the
better soon for the worst.
Pushing throw the crowd trying to get to my first class on my first day of high school, ever! I constantly look at the doors of every classroom seeing if its the right class. I finally find the art room and walk in. On the screen in front of class I see that the teacher has the seating chart up. I quickly locate my seat. I turn to see two giant eyes looking back at me, there is something familiar about those eyes and that face.

"Krystal" I say while bowing my head.

"Matt” the boy replies

the bell rings and I turn to the teacher. I cant focus all that I an think about is how familiar that boys is, where have I seen him before? I spend the whole class thinking about him. When class is over I quickly run the find Sara.

"SARA " I yell not caring if people stare. She turns around and we latch on to each other.

"Sara!" I say with my eyes big and excited.


I scan my eyes around the crowd of people seeing if I could find him. My eyes land on his large ones he is sitting in a corner with his friends. I point at him to show Sara who I’ am talking about.

"Sara, that boy right there sitting in the corner, who is he?"

Sara squints her eyes trying to see him, she nods her head and turns back to me

"don't you remember, last year when we went skating he was there, you know that boy that Alexis was dating"

I nod my head and bit my lip.

"do you think that he is still with Alexis?'

she cutely shrugs her shoulder right as the bell rings. I giver her a hug before heading to my next class. I wonder if he is with Alexis. How do I find out without making it obvious that I’m interested? Then it came to me I will just ask my sister the next time I see her, since her and Alexis are best friends.

Finally it’s the end of the day, I wait for my sister in the school parking lot it feel like it is taking her fifty years to get out here. She finally walks over and unlocks the car. I get in and quickly blurt out my question not even waiting for her to start the car.

"hey, does Alexis have a boyfriend?"

"no, why?'

 a smile forms on my lips

"no reason"

Jess turns and gives me a curious look then shrugs it off and concentrates on driving.
A quick hello, a murmured goodbye
 One simple glance and I'm lost in your eyes.
A chocolate brown  that makes me lose my breath.
The bell rings through my ear as I take my seat in art class. I turn to see his eyebrows raised and his lips pulled into teasing smile, I slightly pout my lips. Matt mouths your late while pointing to the watch on his arm I bow my head and quickly apologize. he lets out a soft chuckle and pats my head. from his simple touch I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and butterflies going crazy in my tummy. I turn my face to the teacher that way he cant see my rosy cheeks.

"today class you are going to be working in partners, no you don't get to choose. Your partners are the students sitting next to you"

I smile when I hear that I get to work with Matt, I glance at him and he has a mischievous look on his face. We get started on our project, we have to draw our partners. I pull out my sketch paper and my art pencils, Matt does the same.

"well, pose" I tell him while trying to sound somewhat cool even though I’ am freaking out inside. He gathers his hands together and rest them under his chin while giving me a  expression of deep thought. I try my best to draw his perfect futures. I draw his small face,pouty lips and large round eyes outlined with long eyelashes. When I'm done I show him my drawing and he gives me a thumbs up. I shyly smile and pull my sketch book away from him. He pulls his sketchbook closer to him and grabs his pencil before turning to me.

"your turn, pose"

I tilt my head down and tuck my hair behind my left ear and I lock my two eyes into his. he quickly start drawing while I try my best not to move. I try to hypnotize myself by re-Repeating in my head I’ am a statue I must not move. When he is done he hands my his sketchbook. I gasp from how well he draws, this looks like it was taken with a camera not drawn by an art student.

"this is amazing" I whisper in awe

"it was easy drawing someone as stunning as you"

I turn to look at him my eyes wide in shock. Just then the bell rings. I quickly grab my stuff and say goodbye before heading out of class, my heart beating like a drum.
As the days go on i start to wonder what you think of me, what You see in me.
I soon find out that your feelings are the same.
"Matt, can I talk to you after class?"
He nods his head giving me a curious look. I bit my lips and take a deep breath. I have to tell him how I feel, I have to let him know. I try my best to focus on my art piece and I try not to think of him, even though its impossible since I’ am drawing a picture of him. When the bell finally does ring my heart skips a beat and I can feel my palms getting sweaty.  I walk out of class and Matt leads me to the end of the hall way so we can be alone.

"what do you want to talk about?"

"i-iii like y-ou" I pathetically stutter. His face softens and a smile forms on his face.

"l like you too. Krystal"
The first time we kissed I was in complete bliss.
Your lips were smooth and sweet
.you held me by the waist and I draped my arms around your neck.
As we pulled apart you whispered
"I love you"

The crowds cheers surround me as I try to finish my flip, my cheer skirt riding up as I twist in the air. When I land I see that there are only 5 seconds on the clock. I bite my lip and watch as matt dribbles down the court. I nervously glance at the clock again 2 seconds, my heart starts beating wildly as matt shoots. Right as the ball goes through the hoop the buzzer rings announcing the end of the game and our win. I jump up and down like a crazy person and the crowd goes wild. I run to matt a giant smile on his face, I put my hands on his shoulder as he picks me up twirling me in the air. I giggle as we spin then as he lowers me down back to earth his lips catch mine. Our first kiss, I drape my arms around his neck. We pull away and I stare into those beautiful brown eyes.

“ I love you Krystal”
But you left me.
With nothing but my memories
 I wish i had seen behind your mask.
I was so mesmerized by your eyes that i couldn't see your lies.
"Krystal I cant hang out tonight I have basketball practice"

"okay that is fine"

"your not mad?"

"no, well i have to go love you"

"love you too"

I hung up the phone and lightly pouted my lips. I feel like he always has some kind of practice and never any time for me. I hear a knock on my door. I get up from the couch and go and see who it is. When I open the door I see Alexis with a guilty expression.

"hi Alexis umm sica isn't here-" she cuts me of

"I'm so sorry" She falls to her knees and start crying while repeating I'm so sorry. I lean down to her and try to wipe her tears.

"what is wrong ? why are you crying?"

she shakes her head in a "no" motion tears still streaming down my face.

" no don’t cater to me I’m a horrible person for what I have done to you please don’t comfort please just yell at me, please Krystal”

“what? Why?”

‘I have been seeing Matt”

My heart shatters into a thousand pieces. Tears well up into my eyes and breath becomes shaky.

"for how long?'

" a week after you two started dating, Krystal I'm so sorry I just love him so much that i-"

I pulled her in to a hug and started weeping, I know that I should be mad at her, I know that I should be hitting her call her bad words. But I can because I know that if I were her I would have done the same thing. . There is just something about Matt that makes you fall so deeply only problem is that he doesn’t catch you when you fall. She hold me closer to her body and whispers I'm so sorry.

I sit on the bus every morning and think of you.
when others look they see me drawing hearts in window steam.

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