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Closed eyes open heart

January 26, 2009
By Anonymous

The sky was growing darker as the day was drawing to an end. The trees where leafless, it was the beginning of October and summer was long gone. She walked slowly on the road a scarf wrapped tightly around her neck. Her hand was clenched in the hand of her lover. They where walking close enough to each other that she could feel the heat from his body. She could barely see him as night crept down on them
“Do you trust me?” He asked
“What?” She should’ve been paying attention but hadn’t been.
“Do you trust me?” He repeated
“Yeah….” She answered slowly unsure of where the conversation was headed. He got behind her. “What are you doing?” She asked stopping
“Just trust me…”
“I don’t know about this…”
“Don’t worry about it
He pulled away the scarf that was wrapped around her and put it over her eyes.
“Ummm buddy….” He put his arms around her middle and began to walk.
“Where are we going?”
“Don’t worry about it. Just trust me”
She let herself go. She did trust him, more then any other person. He would never do anything to hurt her. She felt his arms grow tighter around her they suddenly changed direction.
“What are you doing kid?” There was no answer and they kept moving. She stepped down and what she felt under her feet was no longer the firmness of the paved road, but dirt. It remained dirt for only a few more steps. She was feeling rather uneasy having no idea to where they where headed made her a bit nervous. Something started to brush up agents her legs, she jumped little.
“Don’t worry its only grass” He reassured her. She stepped more carefully now. The grass begin to get taller and taller. It remained so till they stopped walking, he let go of her.
“Hay” She said out load to him, he didn’t answer. She listened carefully.
“I’m here” She felt his arms around her once again. She started to tug at the scarf that was around her eyes. When she could see again he was looking down at her. He kissed her on the fore head and pulled her closer to him. She saw that they where now standing in a field, Long golden grasses grew up around there feet. It was beautiful and gave her a séance of happiness.
“I don’t know where id bee if I didn’t have you” He whispered in her ear.
“With your arms around some other chick….” Silence rang in her ears “What?” She smiled.
“I don’t think so” He said in a low tone. She regretted her little joke. He always said the right things, where on the other hand she did not. “Id be miserable” He continued. She felt butterflies in her stomach; he always made her feel that way. She looked wide-eyed up at him. He kissed her.
“Why do you always say things like that?”
“Because I love you” He wisped
For some odd resone she felt as thowe she was going to cry. Which made no séance at all; she wasn’t sad not at all she was overwhelmed with happiness. He was all she wanted her thoughts where constantly about him. Anything she could be doing she would stop and ask herself what his opinion would be on the matter. She felt so strongly about him and valued every second she had with him. At times she would get jealous of the people who saw him during the day.
She could feel his heart beating; his breath was warm on her cold face. She wanted to say something to him, something to reassure him she understood where he was coming from. But the words escaped her, her mind went blank. She no longer was in reality. Thoughts of there futcher flooded her mind. Marriage, children, and old age they all hit her at once.
“Hay” He wisped “You okay?” She drew in a deep breath
“You mean everything to me you know that don’t you?” he asked taking his hand in her own.
“I had an idea” She wanted to smile but needed to get her point across
“No really….” He started to squeeze her hand
“I know” He said kissing her forehead “You mean a lot to me too”
A lot was not everything but she wasn’t going to push it. The last thing that she wanted was for him to be uncomfortable

“Good” She said quickly before kissing him.

“It’s getting really dark….” She said in a low tone.

“Yah we where supposed to be back before now I’m sure”

“It was worth it though” She said as she put her arm around his waste, they begin to walk to the road that would lead them to the comfort of a warm home. She had a feeling that it didn’t matter where the road took them as long as they had each other they would be fine and she wasn’t going to let anything or anybody to change that.

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I love the title! It's perfect!

The big problem was the spelling and punctuation. You really need to fix that. 'Cause when you do, you'll be a great writer!