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sara's fight

December 21, 2011
By weitlaufsummer SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
weitlaufsummer SILVER, Centerville, Iowa
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No one knew what was wrong with the poor child. All they know was she could not talk, eat, or walk. She was a true puzzle of the world. No one was sure what to do with her. They wanted to help, but no one was sure how to help or even if they could. They tried everything. They took her to see counselors, psychologists, you name it , they did it. But no one could figure out what was wrong with the little girl. It was serious they had to figure out some sort of solution if they wanted her to live no one can live a normal life in her conditions. But how? How could they find a solution if they didn’t know the problem? Physically, by all rights, she was she should be fine. Instead she was reduced to this unresponsive shell. Someone had to save her but no one knew how. Nothing made any sense. It was a Monday evening as I walked into her room t o check on her. She was standing next to the window. I started freaking out and yelling,

“She can stand she can stand”.

As I got the last work out she turned and looked at me with her eyes filled with tears. I suddenly stopped shouting in joy and excitement. I stared at her in concern, the expression on her face was tearing at my heart.

”Whats wrong , honey”?

I asked

“You should be happy you can walk now”.

She slowly shook her head.

“That’s what they want you to think”.

She sighed and fell to the floor unconscious. I began screaming, running down stairs to dial 911. this was all a mistake. When I reached the kitchen, a strange man was standing by the phone with a knife.

“What are you gonna do now?”

he asked with an evil smile.

“run the other way:

I said. I sprinted back up the stairs and into the little girls room. I slammed the door and locked it. I shook her trying to get her to wake up but nothing would seem to work, was she dead? We could what here for ever, the lock on the bedroom door wasn’t meant to hold back an angry man trying to break down the door. Picking a chair up form the corner of the room, I carried it over to the window and rammed it as hard as I could into the glass. The pane shattered out ward, but I moved it around to get all the sharp edges off of the sides. I told rick to pick her up and bring her over softly so we could escape form the window and go get help and find out why this guy was trying to kill us and what Sara , the little girl, meant by that's what they want you to think. I got out onto the roof and had Rick hand her to me and she came out too. As he stared down the side of the house where we had a climbing flower wall I placed Sara on his shoulders kinda like he was giving her a piggy back ride. Then I closely fallowed. I was about 3 feet from the bottom of the siding when I heard a loud bang from inside and yelling from the mad man inside.

“where is she, WHERE IS SHE”.

I hurried up and jumped down and ran over to Rick, he was starting the car, I jumped in I looked back at Sara she was still passed out and her poor body looked lifeless.

“Drive Rick to somewhere but just get us out of here if you don’t step on it we will be able to fallow us and he will get Sara.”

he steps on the gas as far as it would let him we raced through town and out into the interstate. As we could see of no one was fallowing us. We entered the town of ,Lafayette Indiana. I told rick to pull over at station so we could get something to eat and so I could get some water for Sara. He went in and got what we needed. I reached over and placed my hand on Sara’s forehead. She opened her eyes and told me in a soft broken voice. “ mommy I am sorry, but I am safe now” she looked at me and then she lied her head back down on my lap and went back to sleep. When we arrived in New York we went straight to my parents house my mom was a physic so she could do a reading on Sara and tell us why for so many years she could not walk or talk but now she could. We pulled into my parents drive about 6 pm that night I got out and walked to the front door and my mom came out and asked me what I was doing here I told her everything that had happened and she told me she could do the reading but Sara needed to come inside.

We began by laying out some cards and seeing what that gave us but that was not much. But what came next shocked us. My mother does hand readings as well so when she grabbed s
Sara’s hand she saw what meant that Sara was once haunted my a ghost known as the silencer. I asked my mother what this meant. She told me it meant that the ghost was in side of her kinda like taking over her body. And when it was in side her it would make it where she could not move or talk. I asked her how this could be possible and when it happened. She looked at Sara’s hand again and then looked at me.

“The silencer is a tricky little thing. How it happens is when a child is born the baby is placed with the doctors for a period of 3 min so they can clean the child. It is known that the oldest female doctor is the one who is the silencer. This more than likely happened around birth or at the first Dr. appointment the girl went to. But now that the silencer has been freed she will be able to do what she could have done years ago.”

to be continued ...

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