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Stale air and a hint of insanity

January 26, 2012
By WriterFighter PLATINUM, Wilsonville, Other
WriterFighter PLATINUM, Wilsonville, Other
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The rain trickles through my window, cracked open wide enough to let a cold breeze brush the angles of my face. Eyes closed, heart pounding against my breast. Lips wet from the rain, drops slowly slipping, sliding down my chin, to my neck and even down farther yet.Proof of something real, in this chamber of dead. Breathing comes harder now, for thoughts are circulating faster. Voices, creep all around, hiding, waiting, scaring my soul into insanity. Touching me, the fleshless hands, breathing on me, the lifeless breath. I gasp out the intensity, dwelling inside me, and inhale another gulp of stale air. Eyes sharp, darting into this confined space, faces, staring, spirits waiting. I see dead people.

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