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November 12, 2008
By Tahrina SILVER, Victoria, Other
Tahrina SILVER, Victoria, Other
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When I look in to a mirror, I know what I’ll see. I’ll see green eyes, large cheeks, a small nose and rounded lips. I’ll see thick blondish hair and ivory skin. But what if, what if that’s not what other people see? I can only think of other people how I see them and how I know them. I don’t know what kind of impression I give off or what kind of person I look like, or even am. I don`t know who people really are, I just know the impressions they give off. I can’t truly know how people see me, because I know what I look like and that’s what I’m going to see; I know what I’m trying to give off and that`s what I’ll feel. But what if, this is wrong. What if people don’t see me the way I do. What if they see my green eyes as bleu, as the sometime look, or what if they take my thick hair for bushy or fizzy? How am I supposed to know, or control it, if people take the wrong impression off me? How am I supposed to know if people take one sentence, one word, in a different way then I meant, and then they think I’m something else then what I am? Because that’s all you can take, impressions. You’ll never know me, the real me. Unless you are me.

I know what's in my head, not you. I know how that sentence was supposed to sound, but in your head it is almost a sure thing that’ll you’ll take it differently. How am I supposed to show people who I really am if they don’t know. How am I supposed to tell someone, s how them, how my mind work, how I work? We are all just people, and we are all in our own minds. And we all just know ourselves. Sure, we may ‘know’ someone really well and be able to guess what they’re going to do. But we’ll never know exactly what they are thinking, or exactly how they feel, truthfully. Because I never know exactly hundred percent how I feel, let alone actually tell someone. But maybe, maybe that’s just me.

Maybe I’m the only one who stops and thinks, wow, that person, that human being I’ve never seen before, has a life, is doing something that I probably won’t affect or hear about or have an effect on me, I may never see that person again, but they still will exist, maybe not in my little personal universe, but maybe that person, the on I’ll never see other than passing the one time on the street, is someone’s entire life, has a family, has parents, has kids. Maybe I am the only one who’s seen someone run across the street and wonder what they are doing. Why should I know what is going on inside the mind of another human? Why should anyone know what’s happening in the mind of someone else? Why should you?

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